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Kalamazoo College

Spirit Decorating 2015 - Hoppin' at the Hive

Our 2015 entry was "Hoppin' at the Hive." We won the People's Choice award for this one! Images courtesy of Leslie Burke unless otherwise noted.

The circulation desk (Photo courtesy of Liz Smith):

2015 spirit circ desk

Another angle. Note some of the hornets are wearing little "poodle" skirts with "K" on them:

2015 spirit circ desk 2

Robin brought in diner glasses and filled them with tissue paper ice cream. And pencil fries for effect (Photo courtesy of Liz Smith):

2015 spirit circ desk 3

We also had a jukebox! The screen had an animation of a record playing, and it really played music. Because Alyssa and Alex are geniuses.

2015 spirit jukebox 2

Our hashtag was #hivehop (Photo courtesy of Liz Smith).

2015 spirit hivehop2 

Lisa helped decorate the trees:

2015 spirit decorating

Which had decor:

2015 spirit plant

We also had a photo booth! Interactive! Popular with students and alums alike. (Photo courtesy of Liz Smith.)

2015 spirit photo booth

You could also use these funny glasses, wigs, and lips to dress up. (Photo courtesy of Liz Smith.)

2015 spirit dress up

But it's not over! Peter bought records, and we hung them from the ceiling and the plants.

2015 spirit records

Records records records!

2015 spirit records 2

2015 spirit records 1 

We also had super cool signage. The hornets made an appearance too.

2015 spirit window

We decorated the pillars with some vintage Homecoming photos from the Archives. 

2015 spirit go hornets

Closeup of a skirted hornet and our diner sign.

2015 spirit diner sign

Yes, those are real records!

2015 spirit diner sign 2

Maybe next year we'll add a bowling alley...

2015 spirit bowl