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Kalamazoo College

Food & Drink

Policy Purpose

Food and drink are limited in Upjohn Library Commons to keep trash to a minimum, prevent damage to the building, and to prevent damage to library materials, including books and computers.


Food is limited to snack or wrapped items that are consumed individually. 
Group meals, fast food, or open plates of food (such as pizza, subs, or take-out) are allowed in the Book Club
Café area ONLY.

The delivery of food to Upjohn Library Commons for building users is prohibited.

This policy applies to all Upjohn Library Commons classrooms (rooms 213 and 302-312) and study rooms (rooms 211, 217, 232, 233, 234, 235, and 319) at all times.

Users eating foods that disturb other patrons (such as strong-smelling foods or loud, crunchy foods) will be asked to put the food away.


No alcoholic beverages are permitted in Upjohn Library Commons at any time.

The following drink containers are acceptable:

  • Spill-proof mugs (such as travel mugs, screw-top containers, or pull-top containers) with the top attached at all times
  • Leak proof water bottles with leak proof lids that close securely, either twist on or pop-top sports type. Lids must be kept securely closed when not in use.
  • Café Paper cups with lids

The following drink containers are NOT acceptable:

  • cans
  • bottles without a screw-on cap
  • containers with built-in drinking straws
  • juice boxes
  • open mugs, cups, or bottles with no lids

Patrons disregarding the Food and Drink Policy will be asked to leave the Library.

Food and drink are never allowed in the College Archives, Rare Book Room, ULC 118, Video Editing Studio, Video Production Studio, Audio Studio, or Center for New Media Design.

Users are liable for any damage to Library property and equipment caused by food or drink.

Information Services staff have final approval of any sort of food, beverage, or container allowed in the Upjohn Library Commons building, and reserve the right to exclude any food, beverage, or container for any reason.

Sale or distribution of food or drink

Sale or distribution of food, drink, or other items that may interfere with the commerce of the Book Club Café is prohibited inside the Upjohn Library Commons building.

Please follow these simple rules and don’t make us have to become the food and drink police. Not many libraries allow food or drink, but we want to make your study time as comfortable as possible.

We need your cooperation to continue this policy. Be responsible and leave no trace!

Policy updated July 12, 2017

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