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Kalamazoo College

Electrical Outlet Use


Any electrical device that does not shut off automatically presents a potential safety hazard. Since library staff cannot monitor all devices in the building, we have developed the following policy.

Approved Devices

Electrical outlets provided in Kalamazoo College Library public spaces (including classrooms, the Book Club Café, and the Writing Center), may be used to power approved devices. Approved devices include but are not limited to:

  • computers and laptops
  • tablets (such as iPads, Kindles, and Nooks)
  • iPods
  • calculators
  • study lamps
  • desk clocks
  • devices loaned to users by the Library, and
  • mobile devices such as cell phones.

Unauthorized Devices

Electrical outlets provided in Library public spaces may NOT be used for powering small electrical appliances, including but not limited to:

  • coffee pots
  • microwave ovens
  • fans
  • space heaters, or
  • any other electrical device that may pose a hazard to Library equipment, facilities, and collections as determined by Library staff.

General Use

Electrical cords and power strips attached to approved devices may not be arranged in any fashion that constitutes a hazard or that obstructs the use of identified emergency exits or fire doors. Electrical cords and power strips may not be draped across aisles, obstruct walkways, obstruct access to or impede use of library materials or equipment, or otherwise endanger other Library users.

Library patrons may not unplug Library equipment, such as copiers, workstations, or other peripherals, in order to access an outlet for personal use.

The Library is not responsible for any damage to equipment resulting from power surges, voltage spikes, or any short duration electrical transients.

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Policy updated April 15, 2013