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Kalamazoo College

Visitors & Guest Users

The mission of Kalamazoo College Information Services is "to provide and promote the services and resources necessary to meet the present and future scholarly, information, and instructional needs of our students, faculty, and staff, and insofar as possible, to share these resources with the broader scholarly community."

The Kalamazoo College Library is a private library that supports the needs of current students, faculty, and staff of the College, and shares its resources with the Kalamazoo community by extending some privileges to the public (alumni, emeriti faculty, friends of the College, and patrons of MeLCat Visiting Patron Service libraries).

The Upjohn Library Commons welcomes visitors to use library materials from our print collections, and to request information. The Library reserves the right to restrict any individual from entering the Library or from using any of its materials, equipment, facilities, or services.

Borrowing Items

All borrowers must have a valid Kalamazoo College identification card, or a valid identification card from a MeLCat participating library using the MeLCat Visiting Patron Service. Area residents are welcome to consult the library's print materials. See our Circulation Policies for more information.


The Library has two self-service photocopiers and one microform reader-printer for use by all patrons. Both photocopiers accept cash. Photocopies cost 10¢ per page.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Library patrons copying any materials on Library copy machines are solely responsible for using the materials in compliance with copyright law.

Computer Use

The computers in Upjohn Library Commons are provided for use by current Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff. The Kalamazoo College Library allows the public to use two Guest Computers near the Reference Desk on the first floor to conduct research, when they are not in use by current members of the College community. Visitors must abide by the Information Services Policies on Acceptable Use and Prohibited Uses, and may be asked to relinquish their workstation at any time. The two Guest Computers do not have printing services.  Visitors should limit their computer use to 30 minutes. Please see the Information Services Access for Campus Visitors.


Guest computer users are not able to print.

Off-Campus Access to Licensed Resources

The Kalamazoo College Library subscribes to many online indexes and databases for use by current students, faculty, and staff of Kalamazoo College. The Library does not provide community users with off-campus access to licensed indexes and databases. Visitors and guest users who are Michigan residents may use online resources offered by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL).

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan services are available only to current students, faculty, and staff of the College. Other patrons may consult their local public libraries for interlibrary loan.

College Archives

Archives materials in the Kalamazoo College Archives are available for research by request during posted office hours and by appointment. Archives materials may be subject to access and/or copying restrictions stipulated by the College or the donor. Please see the College Archives website for more information.

Library Use by Patrons Under 18

Children (persons under 18 years old) are welcome to use Upjohn Library Commons resources. Information Services staff cannot provide security and safety for children, and cannot supervise them in the Upjohn Library Commons building. In the event that children under 18 are unattended by an adult, Information Services staff may take action they deem necessary to provide for the welfare and safety of unattended children, including but not limited to, contacting Kalamazoo College Security. Parents or accompanying adults assume total responsibility for the behavior of all children they bring to Upjohn Library Commons. Children who engage in unacceptable behavior, as defined in the Unacceptable Behavior policy, will be subject to appropriate action by Information Services staff. Please see Patrons under 18 for more information.


The Upjohn Library Commons is ADA compliant and has a barrier free entrance with two accessible automatic doors. An interior elevator near the entrance is available as well. If you need assistance, please contact staff at (269) 337-7153.

Group Meetings

Current students, faculty, and staff are the Library’s priority. Members of groups requiring meeting space that are not associated with current students, faculty, or staff may rent meeting space in the Library and are required to show proof of liability insurance. Groups interested in renting meeting space should call Facilities Reservations at 269-337-7047. Current students, faculty, and staff may check out classrooms for group meetings.

Policy updated February 10, 2011

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