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Kalamazoo College

Music Department

In the tradition of a nationally recognized liberal arts college that awards the BA degree in Music, student musicians at Kalamazoo College enjoy the highest standards of teaching and learning combined with the special opportunities for individual study and growth unique to the "K" plan.

The Music Department seeks to cultivate an understanding of the language and history of music and to nurture artistic skill and musicianship. Music performance opportunities (both solo and ensemble) combine with academic coursework (in music theory and history) to form the core of our curriculum. In the spirit of a liberal arts education, all performance activity and the vast majority of our academic courses are open to majors and non-majors alike.

The major or minor in music intensifies this integrated approach to create highly creative, analytical thinkers with a great amount of self-discipline, independent organizational skills, and confidence in stage presence. They are welcomed by graduate schools and employers alike.

                        Upcoming Events

Academy Street Winds Concert

Sat., February 24, 2018    8pm
Dalton Theater, Light Fine Arts Building

ASW WI 2018 Poster


Sophie Petroski, Guest Artist / Violin Performance

Sun., February 25, 2018    2pm
Recital Hall, Light Fine Arts Building

A free recital featuring pieces composed by Mozart, Beethoven, and more!

 Sophie Petroski Recital Poster 


Ken Koshio, Guest Artist / Taiko Drumming Performance

Sunday, March 4, 2018    4pm
Dalton Theater, Light Fine Arts Building

 Ken Koshio Poster



For more information, please call the music office at (269)337-7070 or email