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Kalamazoo College

Equipment & Packing List

This page contains information on gear you will need for the program!

The LandSea Participant Packing Lists are a printable resource that will help you pack and identify the kind of gear you need. The following pages also include detailed information and explanations on gear to supplement the packing list. Click on the links below to jump to certain sections:

LandSea Participant Packing List - Expedition

LandSea Participant Packing List - Base Camp

Footwear   Clothing   Additional Items   Personal Hygiene

Items to Keep With You on Bus    Equipment    Recommended Items

General Gear Information

The following list of equipment, which we believe to be the ideal balance of preparedness for a variety of weather conditions and lightweight packing, has been refined from years of experience. Although you may consider bringing additional items, remember you will have to carry all of your personal gear, group gear, and food on your back, and extra ounces add up quickly. However, do not bring less that what is listed below!

Take into account the weight and pack-ability of the items you bring. Your gear must fit in one medium-size pack along with additional group camping equipment and food. 



      Group Gear

LandSea supplies all other necessary personal and group gear except that which is specifically listed on the packing list.

Items that will be supplied to groups include: whistles, maps, compasses, ground cloths, tarps, bear canisters, food, cooking equipment, iodine water treatment, and med kits. Charges incurred as a result of excessive damage or loss of equipment will be the student’s responsibility.

If you need a backpack, sleeping bag, and/or ground pad they can be rented from the program at no additional cost. You may use your own backpack, sleeping bag, and/or ground pad if you prefer. To find out if your own gear is adequate, check out our Personal Gear page.