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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

February 19th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Present: Tyler W. Manegold; Douglas E. Colton; Joanne M. Robillard; Halcyon C. Derks; Rosanna J. Shoup; Clare T. Entwistle; Amelia M. Murray; Torsten B. Berg; Robert Townsend; Nolan J. Racich; Kristen T. O'Brien; Alana C. O'Reilly; James A. Skinner; Jessica M. Ferko; Cody C. Musselman; Emily K. Wolf; Ian C. Humphries; Erin E. Moody; John Fraser; Daedal Derks; JJ Weber;
  • Secretary: ty

Hello Everyone!!!
   Great job tonight!  As stated before, here's the list of "notes" from tonight's meeting.  I'm really impressed with everyone and am super excited for this to finally get going.  For those of you who are getting this email and weren't at the meeting, i've added you to it either because you asked me to or you expressed interest in the club but due to conflicts were not able to attend.  Please feel free to add in anytime if you think we should have discussed something or if you have any questions.  Forward it onto anyone you think might be interested.  Also, have them email me so that i can add them to the email list.  Also, I just created a facebook group called "Kalamazoo Outing Club."  Please join up if you like as it will be a lot easier to have open discussions and such without filling up our email in-boxes.

For the next meeting, please take some time to think about the below notes and what we can do about them as well as anything else the pops into your head.  Try to look into a few of them deeply or all.  Everyone is highly encouraged to "present" or share at next meeting what you thought about/came up with.


-Next meeting will be Friday, Feb. 27th at 4:00 pm in Hicks 110.  Open to public and individuals who did not attend last meeting are still highly encouraged to come to the next.  (see publications, RE fliers.  we need some for our next meeting.)  I (ty) will make an announcement via K's website about it soon.

-Facebook group open to public.  "Kalamazoo Outing Club."  Search for it and join up, eh.

-Funding ideas?  Student Commission?  Grants?  Wilderness Philosophy House?  Chapel?  Fund raising events?  what else can we do to start our budget out?

-Service learning/psych department involvement.

-Governance setup.  Positions --> think about what you would like to do...i.e. how active you want to be involved with the KOC.

-Publications.  How do we get the word out about the Kalamazoo Outing Club?  Website?  Fliers?  Posters?  Word of mouth?  someone want to volunteer to make new fliers for our next meeting and be in charge of posting them up around campus?  whoever does, please volunteer via the facebook group page.  that way we don't flood everyone's email in-box.

-J.J. Weber is going to actively start researching and preparing a trip to the arboretum...possibly held before spring break.

-What do we need to do to get leaders ready 4 trips this spring?

-Spring break is coming up soon.  Many of us will not be going to far off distant lands and therefore will have a good amount of free time over the week off from school.  How can we utilize that?  what should we be doing?

many of these notes/things to think about are non-specific due to the fact that we are just getting going.  Before we all just start thinking about trips and getting tunnel vision, we need to start out with the basics.  How can we stay consists throughout the term? year? years? When should we hold meetings?  How can this be open to the entire community?  How can an individual who is coming back from a term/year away join up and not feel too overwhelmed?  how do we generate more interest and get as many people on board?

Keep talking to your friends and see what they have to say.  Encourage them to come to meetings.  If we want this to be a priority club/organization at K, we need to make it a priority for ourselves.

Thanks again for all your great work everyone!