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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 7th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 4:30 pm
  • Present: xavier, tova, pat, doug, jo, alana R, cathy, gigi, tor, ben, claire, alana O'R, erin, j.j., leeor (just at the beginning), sorry if i missed anyone. hard to do from just memory.
  • Secretary: ty

Meeting minutes Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Hicks 110 4:30-6:00 pm


North Country Trail trip this weekend.-  Near White Cloud, MI

-Saturday April 11th and Sunday, April 12th


               How are we charged?  $15 for the first day per van.  $30 for the following days.  Up to 105 miles and then an additional charge for each mile after that.  We pay for our own gas and must return the vans full.  We will try to rent two 12-passenger vans.
              There might be some conflicting issues with getting two 12-p vans for this weekend.  Scheduling issues might come up with the service learning center who rents them for Saturdays.  Tova will contact Marcie weathers from FacMan in the morning tomorrow (wed) and see if we can get both vans and if not, who has them and if we could possibly switch for the 8-p vans.
               The time set to pickup the vans in Friday, april 10th, from 3-4 pm.
               I (ty) will also be getting the small trailer out of storage for us to use.  That way we can fully load both vans and take as many people as possible.

           Doug is calling them up tomorrow (wed) and getting our reservation as well as final answers to whether or not there is a stove there for us to use and/or cookware.

            These will be copied from the book that was loaned to Doug and Pat.  If they could possibly get few copies to the signup table tomorrow and Thursday (see below), that would be great.

            Originals have been created and copied will be made and posted by tomorrow noon.

               There are three ways that you can sign-up for the trip.  1) email doug at k08dc01 and request a spot.  This only puts you on the waiting list.  In order to completely reserve your space, you need 2) to pay the $25 for the trip at the sign-up table located at the top of the stairs (see below) in Hicks or at the 3) meeting on Friday, april 10th, hicks 110 4:30-6:00 p.m.  Sign-up is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
               The sign-up table will be at the top of the stairs in hicks right in front of the game room.  There will be someone there during lunch and dinner both tomorrow (wed) as well as Thursday.  People staffing the table will beà Wed. Lunch= Jo, Wed. Dinner= Pat, Thur. Lunch= Tova and Doug, Thur. Dinner= Ben.

               Cash (exact change preferable) or check made out to “Kalamazoo College.”  Sorry, no credit cards accepted.  $25 is the cost.  That takes care of everything except any personal gear you need to rent (see below).  You can pay at the table or at the meeting, but remember that we work on a first-come-first-serve basis.
              Once capacity has been reached, put their names on a wait list instruct those interested to come to the meeting on Friday and see if anyone has dropped out or not been able to pay up by then.

               Going to store after meeting on Friday once we have an accurate count and money.  6:00-8:00 pm.

                             Sat. B-  Bagles and cream cheese.  OJ/juice.
                             Sat. L-  Hummus, veggies, bread, sandwiches, lunch meats, GORP
                             Sat. D-  Beans and rice.  Tortillas.  Cheese, other snack foods.  Possibly fried               cake??  Reminder to J.J. to bring extra beans from previous trip to Friday’s meeting.
                              Sun. B-  Oatmeal, raisins, brown sugar, coffee!!!!
                              Sun. L- Hummus, veggies, bread, sandwiches, lunch meats, GORP

               Group gear being supplied:
                              Stove, fuel bottles, cookware (if necessary)
                              FAKs x2 (first aid kits)
                              Water bottles
                              Sun screen
                              Polar Pure (iodine)
                              Food bags

               Personal gear (required);
                              Sleeping bag- rentable.
                              Backpack (hiking kind.  School/book is not acceptable)- rentable.
                              Ziplock backs or stuff sacks for personal clothes- Ziplock bags are free from gear room.  Stuff sacks are rentable.
                              Boots with good ankle support.
                              Personal clothes
                                            Think layers.  Its going to be in the 50s during the day and 30s (possibility of 20s) at night.  Fleece, rain gear, no jeans, try to stay away from cotton.  Long underwear and a light weight pair of pants and shirt over that will work out quite well.  Those wondering if their stuff is acceptable are to contact anyone from the KOC and ask them.  Also, anyone who has even gone on landsea could also answer this question.

               Personal gear (optional)
                              Hat- brimmed and warm.
                              Wool socks.
                               Head lamp. (don’t know if there is electricity at the schoolhouse.  We are assuming so, but there is a possibility there won’t be.
                              Playing cards, fun things like that.
                              Light weight pair of shoes/sandals for when get to the schoolhouse and you want to get out of your boots.
                             Toothbrush and all other personal items like that.

               Things you don’t need:
                              Bathing items (shampoo, deodorant, etc…)
                              Lots of electronics.  Don’t want them to get broken and that’s not what this trip is about.
                              Drugs or alcohol.
                              Too much stuff.  Remember, you bring it…you carry it.

-Gear rentals:

               For those of you who need to rent gear, the room will be open Friday april 10th, from 8:30-10:30 pm in the basement of trowbridge across from the laundry room.  Payment for rented gear can be in cash or check.  Check preferred.  Checks made out to “kalamazoo college.”  For those who need to rend a sleeping bag and/or backpack, there is a $45 fully-refundable security deposit required for each item.  We will ask that you write a check out for your grand deposit total and we will hold onto it (not cashing it) and will give it back to you upon your return of a clean and non-broken sleeping bag/backpack.

Student Organization Recognition

-  Application needs to be submitted by the 4th week of the term.  In order to do so, we need a few positions to be officially filled as well as some that we just plain need.

They are:             Treasurer
                             Organization leader
                             Secretary (2)

-  Nominations for these positions will start on facebook discussion group note threat.  The can start to be submitted now and will end by Friday, april 17th by 5:00 p.m. at which time voting can begin and will be open till Monday, april 20th by 5:00.  all votes will need to be emailed to to allow for confidentially.

-  Requirements to be nominated are to have been present at at least one KOC meeting or event before the time for nominations closes.

-  Some individuals have volunteered to work on creating a set of by-laws.  They are Cathy Oldershaw, J.J. Weber, Pat Gailey, and Doug Colton.

-  Our next meeting is Friday, April 10th, in Hicks 110 from 4:30-6:00.  We will be talking about memorial weekend’s trip to sleeping bear dunes and possibly going after a gift fund from StuComm to help with that, Wilderness Philosophy House’s bike trip to south haven on the Kal-Haven trail, and a future joint meeting with the Chapel members to organize the upcoming canoe trip.

As always, check us out on the web at, search facebook for “kalamazoo outing club,” and/or email to be put on the email list.