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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 15th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 4:30 pm
  • Secretary: Ben E.

KOC Minutes 4-15-09


1.      WPH/KOC Kal-Haven Trip

a.       Biking overnight

b.      5/30-5/31 Sat-Sun of 9th week

c.       choices

                                                               i.      Kzoo to South Haven to Kzoo

d.      Kzoo to South Haven

e.       South Haven to Kzoo

f.        Early commitment date

                                                               i.      5/20 yes

2.      Chapel/KOC canoe trip

a.       Chapel can provide money and reservation

b.      Want people with more experience

c.       Kalamazoo River

d.      Go to canoe place and they provide canoes and take to drop off points

e.       Time

                                                               i.      5-6 hours

f.        possible date

                                                               i.      Sunday May 17th

g.       Ty will contact Liz to finalize details

h.      Sign up date

                                                               i.      May 13th

i.         $5 cost

3.      Memorial Day Weekend to Sleeping Bear Dunes (they are dunes that look like a sleeping bear)

a.       Possible dates

                                                               i.      Fri/Sat/Sun

                                                             ii.      Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon

                                                           iii.      Sat/Sun/Mon

b.      Point people

c.       Permits now

d.      Vans now

e.       Early commitment date

                                                               i.      5/15

f.        Committee

                                                               i.      Pat

                                                             ii.      Doug

                                                           iii.      Xavier

                                                           iv.      Brittney?

                                                             v.      Gigi?

g.       Need details of what we want to do by 23rd

h.      28th permits and vans

i.         gift fund

                                                               i.      itemized list to apply for it

                                                             ii.      tents

                                                           iii.      can apply for on any money

                                                           iv.      $1000 every term

                                                             v.      sooner apply the better

j.         Pat talk to Sodexo about money

4.      Spring Fling

a.       Register by today online

                                                               i.      Ty sign us up today

                                                             ii.      Ty point

1.      Let Ty know if you’re interested in helping by email

b.      May 2nd

c.       Booth with activity

d.      Get our name out there

e.       Backpack races

f.        Cook using trail cookware

g.       Tent/tarp?

5.      DOGL

a.       Day trip perhaps

b.      Too much going on that day

6.      By laws committee

a.       Will meet soon

b.      JJ

c.       Doug

d.      Pat

e.       Cathy Oldershaw

f.        No point to revive old club

7.      Earth Fest

a.       April 25th 1-4pm

b.      On the Quad

c.       Similar to Spring Fling with environmental twist

d.      Can do same activity as Spring Fling

e.       Volunteers?

                                                               i.      Email or let know next meeting Jessica Ferko

8.      Next meeting

a.       Friday 24th

b.      Hicks 110