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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 24th, 2009

  • Location: hicks 110
  • Time: 4:30 pm
  • Secretary: Ben E.

KOC Minutes 4-24-09


1.     Constitution
a.      Have a draft
b.     Will continue to be worked on by Pat, Doug, JJ


2.     Sleeping Bear Dunes Trip
a.      Will get a base camp in park and do day hikes
b.     Leave Saturday the 23rd morning
c.      Leave Monday the 25th morning
                                                   i.     Can be back to K early
d.     Have 2 vans rented and can get trailer
e.      Tents
                                                    i.     Will apply to gift fund on Monday
                                                  ii.     Will need around $600
                                                iii.     Can also talk to Sodexho for sponsorship
1.     Pat will follow up with them after we hear back from gift fund
f.       Need final details early next week
g.      Commitment deadline May 15th
h.     Cap 24
i.       Will advertise in Index

3.     Wilderness Philosophy House Bike Trip
a.      Found Dune Lake Campground
                                                    i.     Close to dunes but cheaper and more isolated
b.     Bike to trail head and take van to camp
c.      All will bike back
d.     Will have a team of drivers who miss part of the biking
e.      Two vans
f.       Cap of 24
g.      $5 deposit


4.     HUB bike trip Sunday, April 26th to South Haven
a.      Can sign up at Earth Fest
b.     11:30-5:30 or 6:00


5.     Chapel Canoe Trip
a.      Sunday the 17th
b.     11:00-5:00
c.      $5


6.     Health and Wellness Fair
a.      Next Tuesday 11:00-2:00
b.     Any volunteers??  (no one)
c.      Need to fill out an app
d.     May happen


7.     Earth Fest
a.      Can do something tomorrow- contact Jessica ferko (no volunteers)


8.     Spring Fling
a.      May 2nd 1:00-6:00
b.     Booth provided
c.      Bring out stoves and making own popcorn and deserts
d.     Suitcase race with backpacks
e.      Bow-drill fire making class
f.       Set up tarp with therm-a-rests


9.     Fundraising ideas
a.      Disc golf
                                                    i.     Pat and Cody organize
1.     Pat do score card
2.     Cody do flyer
                                                  ii.     Friday May 1st 4:00
1.     Stagger –shotgun start if multiple people
                                                iii.     $2 entry fee
                                                 iv.     meet at the quad sign
                                                   v.     BYO Frisbee
                                                 vi.     Prizes
1.     Ty buy


10.  Next meeting next Thursday, April 30th  4:30