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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

May 15th, 2009

  • Location: hicks 110
  • Time: 4:30 pm
  • Secretary: ben e

KOC Notes 5-15-09


1.     Constitution
a.      Signed
b.     Will vote on positions next year

2.     Stu Org Application
a.      Submitted

3.     Got 3 new tents
a.      Can hold 15 people

4.     Sleeping Bear Dunes Trip
a.      Posters- going out after meeting today
b.     Sign up
                                                    i.     Cap of 24
c.      Memorial Day weekend
                                                    i.     Leave Saturday morning and come back Monday afternoon
d.     $50 total cost
                                                    i.     $15 deposit
                                                  ii.     Can sign in Landsea Gear room Monday 6-8pm or at next meeting, or contact Xavier Soto.
e.      Table Wednesday in the Caf
                                                    i.     Last day to sign up
f.       Grocery shopping Friday
g.      Base camping trip with day hikes
h.     Gear
                                                    i.     Group gear provided
                                                  ii.     Sleeping bag, sleeping pad “i.e. therm-a-rest” (recommended, but not necessary)  hiking boots (recommended, but not necessary), and clothes needed.  Otherwise, everything else will be provided or not needed.  Since we are driving up to our secluded site, you can bring a lot of stuff and fit it into the vans, but won’t have to carry it.  No hiking backpack required.  Book bag, or even a duffel sack will work.  Recommend bring a water bottle and/or small pack for day hiking however.

5.     Can still sign up for Wilderness First Responder Training
a.      Contact Ty
b.     $525, $605 with food
c.      June 15-21
d.     on campus.

6.     Kal-Haven Bike Trip
a.      Info going up next Monday
b.     9th weekend Saturday-Sunday (may 30th-31st)
c.      Cap 24 (but can go over if necessary)
d.     $5 fully refundable deposit (as long as you show up.  Don’t show, don’t get your money back)

7.     If interested in leading trips this summer for a few camps???
a.      Ty has info on jobs

8.     Next meeting
a.      Next Thursday 4:30-5:00
b.     Quick finalize Sleeping Bear Dunes Trip
c.      Anyone else who wants to sign the constitution can do it then.