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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

October 7th, 2009

  • Location: StuOrg
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Present: ~15
  • Secretary: Pat Gailey

KOC Meeting Minutes October 7th, 2009.  Wednesday 6:30 pm.

Trip possibilities for the weekend of October 23, 34, 25.



                        Have to talk to John Fraser for permission.

                        Save for when colder?

                                    Christine Slowiak is researching into this.  Contact her for more information or if you want to help.


NCT (north country trail)- white cloud section. 
Same trip we did last year with spending the night in the through-hiker shelter/one room school house.

                        Save for when colder?


Fort Custer- 25-30 minutes east of Kzoo

                        Group sites

                        Biking Trails

                                    Hub Rentals- free

                                                Karl Young will be putting a proposal together.  Contact him for more information or if you are interested in working on this trip.


South Haven

                        Bike there and back with an overnight on the lake at a campground.

                                    Doug Colton & Patrick Gailey & Dan will be putting together a proposal.  Contact them for more information.


Agenda for next meeting:

            Nominations for offices.  Organizational Czar, Stooge of finances, and chief propaganda officer.  Please download and read our constitution from the website to get a better understanding of what these positions are and come to the next meeting with nominations.

            Decisions on trip for October 23, 24, 25.

Next Meeting—6:00 pm, October 13th,  Tuesday. Hicks 110