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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

October 13th, 2009

  • Location: hicks 110
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Secretary: ben E

KOC Minutes 10-13-09


1.      Arboretum Trip possibilities

a.       Can only take 6-8 people for an overnight

b.      Do later in the season

2.      Kal-Haven.  Going to happen October 24th and 25th (Saturday and Sunday)

a.       HUB only has 6 bikes available, but could be closer to 10

                                                               i.      People who need bikes need to contact HUB

b.      People have own bikes should bring them.  Anything will work for the kal-haven trail, but remember that the trail is gravel at times and thin road tires might not be the best if you have a choice.

c.       Found group campsite for us to stay at

d.      $3/day trail pass

e.       $55 for car/trailer

f.        $20/person for total trip

g.       20 person cap

h.      Saturday 24th-Sunday 25th

                                                               i.      Meet Red Square at noon on saturday

                                                             ii.      Get back mid-afternoon on sunday

i.         Contact Dan Kilburn for more information or to sign up.  Sign up begins now.  20 spots.  After that there will be a waiting list.  All those people signed up to go need to come to our next meeting on Thursday to pay.  If you fail to pay then, you will lose your spot and we will go to whoever in on the waiting list.  Therefore if you are wait listed, you should come to the meeting with cash ready.

j.         Bring cash to meeting next Thursday- $20/person

k.       Food provided lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch.  Car/trailer will transport food and meet up with the group at the half-way point on the trail for lunch both days.

l.         All group gear will be provided and your $20 will cover the trail passes, campsite fees,  and all other expenses.

m.    For those people who need their own personal gear and need to rent some, you can do so from the gear room on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 4-8.  The gear room is located in the basement of trowbridge.  You can charge rentals to your student account.

n.      Personal gear needed is: biking clothes, water bottle, warm clothes for at night, rain gear if possible, head lamp if desired, sleeping bag, ground pad if desired (encouraged).  No backpack needed.  Items can be packed in whatever sort of bag you want as all gear will be transported from campus to the campsite via car/trailer.

3.      Possible Smokey Mountain’s trip over spring break

4.      Small chance for getting 6 canoes

a.       Split cost with LandSea with Chapel

b.      Could look into gift fund request

c.       Fundraising during Homecoming

5.      NEXT MEETING IS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22ND IN HICKS 110 at 6:00 pm. We will go over last minute details about the trip and collect payment from individuals signed up to go.