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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

January 8th, 2010

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Present: Pat G, Alyson H, Doug C, Ben E, Alex G, Kathleen B, Adrian S, Ty M.
  • Secretary: Ben E.

Thank you for those who came to our last meeting on Friday night.  Attached you will find the meeting minutes.  A few important announcements:

1)  This coming weekend, we will have a trip to Timber Ridge Ski Area located about 25 minutes away from campus.  We will provide transportation.  You are responsible to supply your own gear.  Bring your own equipment or rent.  There are a few places in town that rent (Lee's Adventure Sports being one of them.)  Also the hill itself can rent gear (snowboard, skis, boots, and helmets).  If you are planning on renting gear, please make sure that you look into various options if you want something other than what Timber Ridge offers.  We will meet at red square on Sunday, 1/17/10, at 3:00 pm and leave shortly afterward.  With a planned time to return around 8:30-9:00 pm Sunday Night.  Remember that Monday is MLK, so no classes!!!!   $14 lift tickets $14 ski rentals with college ID.  Want to ski/snowboard but don't know how?  Lessons available through the mountain.  Have no desire to ski/snowboard?  There's a sledding/tubing hill!!!!!!!

KOC is charging $10.00/head- this includes transportation there and back.  Please look into how much additional cost there will be for you depending on what you need (i.e. just a lift ticket?  ski rentals? etc...?)

Spots available on a first-come, first serve basis.  To sign up, email  If not enough people sign up by this Friday at noon, the trip will be canceled.  If it's after friday and the trip has not been canceled and you still want to go, email to see if there are any available spots open.  If you do sign up, please come to our next meeting, to pay your transportation costs.

$14 College Nights

Sundays from 4pm to 8pm  $14 lift & $14 ski rental only with college I.D.

Family Learn To Ski & Snowboard

Every Sunday beginning 01/03/2010 from 4pm to 8pm  lift, lesson, ski rental. Minimum age 8 for participants, Beginner Lessons begin promptly at 5pm (allow sufficient time approx. 40 minutes to get rental equipment and get to the instruction area). Skiing is $30. Snowboarding is $33.

For more information:

2)  Our next meeting is Friday, January 15th, at 4:15.  location: TBD (but most likely hicks 110)  We will be discussing the options researched for spring break trips.  if you want to vote on where to go or have an idea of what might make sense, please attend that meeting.


KOC Meeting 1-8-10


1.      Things to do this term

a.       3 separate day trips

             i.      Cross country/snowshoe
                         1.      various weekends.  Looking into getting funding help with rentals.  Possible trip to frozen sand dune parks near by/within 1.5 hour drive.

             ii.      Down hill
                           1.      Saturday or Sunday or MLK weekend
                           2.      Shuttle to Bittersweet or Timber Ridge
                           3.      All will advertise starting Monday.
             iii.      Other weekend of February 20th

b.      Winter camping overnight
              i.      Yankee Springs in Middleville
                           1.      Rustic cabins
                           2.      Alyson will look into
                           3.      Jan 30-31
                           4.      Rent snowshoe or cross country skis
                           5.      Advertise starting Monday the 18th

c.       Spring Break Trip
              i.      Smokey Mountains
              ii.      Red River Gorge in Kentucky
              iii.      Buffalo River in Ozarks
                             1.      Canoeing or hiking
              iv.      Cost around $200/head.
              v.      Fundraiser
                             1.      Sell KOC discs
                              2.      Pat looking at prices
              vi.      Get word out soon
             vii.      Meeting on this next week- Friday 1/15/10 at 4:15 pm. Specifically geared towards spring break trip.  Have other ideas and want them to be heard?  Come to this meeting then.
               viii.      Not do Appalachian Trail
               ix.      Leave Friday of finals and get back Saturday before classes start (3/19/10 - 3/27/10)
               x.      2 days of travel on both ends.

2.      Doug has budget request in to stu comm
a.       Asking for $400

3.      Next meeting
a.       Friday the 15th at 4:15