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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

March 8th, 2010

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Secretary: Ben E.

KOC Meeting 3-8-10


1.      Spring break trip

a.       People pay by Friday

                                                               i.      Mail or give directly

b.      Have maps

c.       Next meeting on Friday

                                                               i.      Let know dietary restrictions and allergies if can’t make it

d.      Gear list on website

2.      Trips for spring

a.       Pat Gailey’s Living Learning house has $500 they can apply towards a trip

                                                               i.      Would be for Memorial weekend trip.  May 28th. 29th, 30th, and 31st.

b.      Canoeing/kayaking

                                                               i.      River or lake 

                                                             ii.      Chapel trip expected again on Kalamazoo River

1.      Possibly do different start into Lake MI

2.      Pat will talk to Liz

c.       Manitou Island

                                                               i.      Would have to be Memorial day because need 3 days

                                                             ii.      North island

1.      Bigger

2.      Back country camping

d.      Manistee River Trail

                                                               i.      Would have to be Memorial day because need 3 days

                                                             ii.      Cheap trip

e.       North Country Trail

                                                               i.      End of 2nd week, April 9, 10, 11 weekend

                                                             ii.      Could do tents instead of schoolhouse

                                                           iii.      Could find connecting trail to loop

                                                           iv.      Meeting 29th

                                                             v.      Advertise by 31st

f.        Fort Custer

                                                               i.      Day trip

                                                             ii.      Would need mountain bikes

1.      Supply own

2.      Can rent from Lee’s Adventure sport

                                                           iii.      Can hike and swim also

                                                           iv.      Do end of 7th week May 15th

                                                             v.      Rainy day is end of 8th week May 22nd

g.       Dates to be aware of

                                                               i.      Frelon

1.      April 22-24

                                                             ii.      Crystal Ball and Spring Fling

1.      May 1

                                                           iii.      Memorial Day

1.      May 29-31

                                                           iv.      Easter

1.      April 4

h.      Possible dates

                                                               i.      April 9-11

1.      Between 2nd and 3rd week

                                                             ii.      Memorial Day

1.      Need to reserve when get back from break

2.      Between 9th and 10th week

                                                           iii.      May 14-16

1.      Between 7th and 8th week

3.      Mid summer trip

a.       People with jobs would be problem

b.      Upper Peninsula

4.      Budget

a.       Need to put together in the next week