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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

February 15th, 2013

  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Secretary: Kira

1.      Stu-com meeting

a.       Expectations - 

b.      Defining our relationship  -

                                                              i.      Liaison – Gram Wojtas 

2.      MWOLC

a.       presentation

3.      Trip updates

4.      Budget

a.       $3,338 remaining balance

b.      $350 to new climbing gear

c.       $120 to tri koc

d.      $40 to arb

e.       $138 for ice fishing


5.      Spring speaker

a.       Will be held in Dalton theater.

b.      The event is on the same day as the anso SIP event; we will share the space by using cloth barriers through the lobby.

c.       Sign-ups for advertising team towards the end of the quarter

6.      KOC summit

a.       Biology talk

b.      Building penny stoves

c.       Knott tying

d.      Orienteering

e.       LNT

7.      KOC van drivers

8.   Agenda for 6th week meeting February 15, 2013

a.      Photography competition

b.      T-shirts

                                                              i.      2 different ones, funny and serious

c.       Trip updates

                                                              i.      Pre-trip meeting for ice fishing

                                                            ii.      Sleeping Bear (8th week weekend)

1.      One night over night, 2 day

2.      At least 14 spots (2 minivans)

3.      Possibility of snow shooing and/or hiking


                                                          iii.      Ice climbing

1.      12 person van

                                                          iv.      Grand Mur

1.      State park south of south haven

2.      Hiking and or snow shoing

3.      A mile of shore line for hiking

                                                            v.      Spring Break

1.      11 day trip

2.      Tennessee and Appalachian trail

3.      Van and minivan

4.      2 hiking groups of 7 people