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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

March 15th, 2013

  • Location: Harmon Lounge
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Present: Aaron Bunker, Abram Farley, Andrea Gutierrez, Annie Rough, Becca LaCroix, Emily Sklar, Jake Montz, Kira Sandiford, Lydia Vadopalas, Margot Couraud, Mckenna Bramble, Sammy Jolly, Sarah Hassel, Margo Reckard, Sophie Roberts, Tommy Jackson, and Zach Voigt
  • Secretary: Abe

KOC Meeting 3/15/13

1.     Trip Updates

a.     Sleeping bear (3rd week)

b.     Grand Ledge moved to 7th week Sunday

                                               i.     Kira sponsoring

                                              ii.     Zach advising

c.      Joan Young

                                               i.     11am workshop in dewing 103

                                              ii.     2pm lecture

d.     Spring Summit

                                               i.     Sat 4/13

1.     From 11-3 in banquet hall

a.     Where is Alex?!

2.     Solidify the schedule

e.     Cycling trip to come later in the quarter

                                               i.     Michael and Drea

2.     Shirt/stickers

a.     Nice wicking shirt w

b.     Lot of stickers for fundraising

c.      Lydia and Kira are tackling this project

3.     Joan Young

a.     Abe and Sammy,

                                             i.     Contact Binney and Jory