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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 5th, 2013

Spring Week 1 General Assembly Meeting

1.      Joan Young

          a.       First woman to hike entire north country trail

          b.      4/20

          c.       Workshop (10:30am) and presentation (2pm)

2.      Summit

         a.       11am-3p

         b.      Advertising

                       i.      Tabling

                                       1.      Weekday week 2 from 11-1pm

                        ii.      Posters (NCTA)

3.      New Budget Committee

           a.       Commit to 70% of budget committee and general assembly meetings

           b.      At least 4 general assembly members

                    i.      Interested Members

                               1.      Will Gribbin

                               2.      Evan Spaller

                               3.      Jake Montz

                               4.      Daniel Holzman

                               5.      Aaron Roberson

                               6.      Margot Courad

4.      Trips

                a.       Bio-canoeing (Jake and Shannon)

                                                i.      Environmental science canoeing trip

                                                ii.      KNC (Kalamazoo Nature Center) is now planning the trip

                                                                1.      Positions may be available

                                                                 2.      WFR or WFA may be necessary from the KOC

                                                                3.      Paddle lead certified opportunity

               b.      Sleepy Bear

                                                i.      4th week

                                                ii.      14 spots (mini-vans)

              c.       Potential for Cycling and/or Mountain Biking

                                                  i.      Evan-Fort Custard

             d.      Fishing

                                                   i.      Lake fishing (Jake)

              e.       Alternate sources of funding

                                                    i.      Woman Advocacy house and Woman food and Body

                                                    ii.      NCT (5th week)

              f.        Arb trip with service learning

5.      MONICA IS VAN CERTIFIED!!...Michael will be shortly