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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 19th, 2013

General Assembly Meeting 4/19/13

1.      Joan Young

           a.       Come!

                                                      i.      1030 in dewing 103-michigan section of trail

                                                     ii.      12 in dewing 103-botany workshop

          b.      Fab at 2pm-trip overview

2.      T-shirts and stickers

     a.       To come asap

                                                       i.      General assembly will vote

1.      Online pole

                                                     ii.      1000 stickers!

                                                                                1.      Sell and give out for trips

3.      Trip Updates

           a.       Sleeping bears (4th week sat-sun)

                                                        i.      5 spots left ($20)

                                                       ii.      payments can be made to jory, margot, or shannon

           b.      Women in Wilderness

                                                        i.      Saturday 4th week

                                                       ii.      12-3:30pm

                                                     iii.      free trip but must RSVP

          c.       Spring Fling

                                                     i.      SAC will have a Zip Line

                                                                                1.      SAC need some help

          a.       Contact Craig or Sam (SAC reps)

                                                   ii.      KOC will have a table

          d.      Grand Ledge

                                                     i.      Budget will be in soon

          e.       Canoeing

                                                     i.      9th week for al sabo (multiple day trip)