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Kalamazoo College

Meeting Minutes

April 26th, 2013

  • Time: 4:15 am

1.      Darrin-running for next year with Cameron Goodall for President and VP

          a.       Want to check in with stu orgs to ask for feed back

          b.      What does the KOC want

                                         i.      Firm up stucom-koc relations

                                         ii.      Define budget restrictions

                                         iii.      Have stucom prioritize meetings

2.      Spring Fling

          a.       Bex-have table

                                          i.      Contact SAC

3.      More Trips

          a.       Day trips

                                           i.      El sabo, arb, grand mere

                                           ii.      (kiki, Shannon, and Mckenna)

          b.      Biking 8th week

                                            i.      Dan and Will

                                                                     1.      Looking for new road trails

4.      Plant seed for Winter or Spring Break Trip

5.      T-shirts

           a.       Rerun election

6.      Nominations for 3 annual positions will be taken next week

7.      Anchor building session with jory if interested