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Kalamazoo College

Academic Information

Liberal Arts and the K-Plan
Kalamazoo College is the birthplace and home of the K-Plan , a valuable learning experience unlike any other in higher education. It combines challenging undergraduate liberal arts coursework and opportunities for experiential education. During their four years at the College, students will develop skills for lifelong learning, undertake explorations that challenge and extend their understanding of themselves and the world, and establish connections between their learning experiences.

Please see Curriculum Degree Requirements here.

Enrollment and Residency Requirements
All students must be enrolled for a minimum of six full-time quarters on campus. The final three quarters must be in the senior year. A minimum of 18 units (exclusive of PE) must be earned at "K". Many students confuse this with the residency requirement, which requires all students except seniors to reside in the College residential system when they are enrolled for an on-campus quarter. Please note that these are two different College policies. Learn more about the residential system here.

Course Load
Each student normally takes three courses during each quarter of on-campus enrollment. An overload of four units or an underload of 2 units must be approved. Freshmen are not allowed to overload (more than 3 units). Tuition remains the same for 2, 3, or 4 units. Students may change courses (drop or add) within the first week of a quarter. A student may request withdrawal from a course during the second though the eighth weeks and receive a grade of "W." Any underload or course withdrawal during a quarter may affect visa status, financial aid, insurance coverage and athletic eligibility.

First-Term Choosing Courses
What a new student needs to know about choosing courses.

Grade reports are available to students online through the Student Portal. Parents do not receive copies of their student's grades unless their student files a written release with the Registrar's office.

The GPA is determined by adding quality points and dividing by the number of units earned.

At the end of each quarter, the Committee on Academic Standards reviews grade reports. A student may be warned for below average achievement, placed on academic probation for poor performance, or dismissed from the College for failure to meet academic standards. In general, a student must have a GPA above a 2.0 to be in good academic standing. We encourage you and your son or daughter to talk together about courses as the quarter proceeds. If you are worried, please encourage your student to schedule a visit to work with the professor and academic advisor. Sometimes, we can help a student change study habits, focus more on academic work, or get tutorial help.

Confidentiality of Records
We are required by the Family Rights and Privacy Act to protect student information in files from unauthorized persons. Only under extenuating circumstances will the College include parents as "authorized persons" and only if students are financially dependent on them. We do, however, still assume that our primary interaction will be with the student and that the student will share appropriate information with you. If you wish to receive copies of grade reports and copies of letters of academic actions, you must have your student send a written request to the Registrar. We encourage you to develop good communication strategies with your student.