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Kalamazoo College
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Faculty & Staff


Karen Berthel
Karen Berthel
Phone: 269-337-7128

 Courses Taught: PED-086-02 Beginning Yoga

 Associate Professor of Theater Arts

Lynsey K. VanSweden
Phone: 269-337-7082

Physical Education Coordinator

BS - Central Michigan University

James P. Daniels

Courses taught: PED-070 Developmental Swimming

Interim Head Swimming & Diving Coach

Director of Intramurals

BA - Kalamazoo College

Bryan Goyings
Bryan Goyings
Phone: 269-337-5776

Courses Taught: PED-064 Recreational Soccer, PED-105 Step Up!

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Athletic Recruitment Coordinator

BA - Kalamazoo College

Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia
Phone: 269-337-7314

Courses Taught: PED-039 Gardening

Grounds Coordinator

Melanie Rushing
Phone: 269-3375758

Courses taught: PED-072 Badminton

Head Softball Coach

BS - Redlands

MS - University of Denver

MA - Jacksonville University


Head Volleyball Coach Department Chair - Physical Education
Jeanne Hess
Phone: 269-337-7086

Courses Taught: PED-013 Smoking Cessation, PED-082 Volleyball, PED-101 Mind/Body

Chair, Physical Education Department

Head Volleyball Coach

BS - University of Michigan

MA - Western Michigan University

Jory Horner
Jory J. Horner
Phone: 269-337-7356

Courses Taught: PED-063 Indoor Rock Climbing, PED-099 Michigan Land/Sea Expedition

Director, Land Sea & Outdoor Programs

BS - Oregon State University - Cascades

John Krajacic
John Krajacic
Phone: 269-337-5805

Courses Taught: PED-045 InerTRAIN, PED-084 Weight Training

Assistant Football Coach

BA - Kalamazoo College

Jim Langeland
Jim Langeland
Phone: 269-337-7010

Courses Taught: PED-086-03 Beginning Yoga

Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences

Professor of Biology

BA - Kalamazoo College

Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin

Katie Miller
Katherine Miller
Phone: 269-337-5752

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness, PED-061 Beginning Racquetball

Head Women's Basketball Coach

BA - Mount Union College

MEd - Bowling Green State University

Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy
Phone: 269-337-5793

Courses Taught: PED-074 Intermediate Tennis, PED-075 Advanced Tennis,

                               PED-105 Step Up!

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Summer Camps

Head Women's Tennis Coach

BA - Coe College

Mike Ott
Michael Ott
Phone: 269-337-7347

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness, PED-084 Weight Training

Head Baseball Coach

BA - Calvin College

MA - Western Michigan University

Vince Redko
Vincent Redko
Phone: 269-337-7591

Courses Taught: PED-027 Conditioning & Speed

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

BS - Ursinus College

MS - Misericordia University

Mark Riley
Mark J. Riley
Phone: 269-337-7079

Courses Taught: PED-074 Intermediate Tennis, PED-075 Advanced Tennis

Head Men's Tennis Coach

BA - Kalamazoo College

Lumumba Shabazz
Lumumba Shabazz
Phone: 269-337-7454

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness

Head Men's Soccer Coach

BA - Florida International University

Jamie Zorbo
Jamie Zorbo
Phone: 269-337-7078

Courses Taught: PED-027 Conditioning & Speed

Head Football Coach

Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Fund and Sponsorships

BA - Kalamazoo College

MBA - Western Michigan University

Jessica R. Smith
Phone: 269-337-5790

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Ultimate Frisbee Club Advisor