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Kalamazoo College

Suggested Course Sequence for 3/2 Engineering Majors

3/2 Engineering Course Sequence – with Study Abroad

  Fall Winter Spring
FR First Year Seminar               PHYS 150/150L PHYS 152/152L
  MATH 112 MATH 113 MATH 214
  COMP 108 or elective (1,2) COMP 110 or elective (1,2) Elective (1,2)                    
SO PHYS 220/220L(3) PHYS 370/370L(3) Study Abroad(5)                    
  MATH 240 MATH 280 Study Abroad (5)                 
  Sophomore Seminar or Elective (1,2) Sophomore Seminar or Elective (1,2) Study Abroad  (5)
JR MATH 310 (recommended) - Elective(1,2) PHYS 340/340L
  Elective(1,2) Elective(1,2) PHYS 380/380L(3) (recommended)
  Elective(1,2) Elective(1,2) PHYS 360/360L(3) (recommended)

 Notes: [numbers in parentheses above refer to numbers below]

1.     Students are required to fulfill Kalamazoo College’s foreign language requirement, for which open slots may be used.  It is usually best to study the same language you did in high school.

2.     It is recommended that all students choosing to pursue the 3/2 program take at least one chemistry course (CHEM 110), at least one computer science course (COMP 108 or 110), and at least one economics course (ECON 101).  PHYS 215 is also recommended. Open slots may be used for each of these recommended courses.

3.     Students choosing the 3/2 program in Chemical Engineering must add CHEM 120, 210, 220, and 240 to their schedule.  (CHEM 310, or its equivalent, must be taken at either Kalamazoo College or at the engineering school.)  These students may remove PHYS 340, 370, and 380, and if necessary PHYS 220, from the above sample schedule. 3/2 students not choosing Chemical Engineering must complete a minimum of 6 courses in the Physics Department at the level of 150 or above.  PHYS 370 and 380 together will transfer to most Engineering programs.

4.     The goal of the math sequence is to prepare students to take MATH 280 during the winter quarter of their sophomore year.  If a student begins their mathematics sequence with MATH 110/111 instead of MATH 112, MATH 280 may still be taken on schedule, but either MATH 214 or MATH 240 will have to be taken after MATH 280.

5.     The long-term (Fall/Winter of junior year) study abroad option is possible for students within the 3/2 engineering program.  Very careful planning is required for their option.

Students who are interested in engineering should consider the dual degree program in engineering, which consists of three years of study at Kalamazoo College followed by approximately two years at an approved school of engineering. While at Kalamazoo, students complete the language requirement, physical education requirement, and first-year and Sophomore Seminar requirements, along with specific science and mathematics course work. (Students in the 3/2 program are excused from the SIP.) They then transfer to an engineering program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Upon completion of sufficient work at that institution to satisfy the remaining requirements for a Kalamazoo College degree (including the senior seminar requirement), those credits are transferred back to Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded. When the remainder of the specified work for the student’s particular field of engineering has been completed, the Bachelor of Science in engineering is awarded from the engineering school. The College currently has affiliate relationships for 3/2 engineering programs with The University of Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, but any ABET accredited program is acceptable for the 3/2 engineering program.  WMU and Michigan Tech have been popular destinations in recent years.  The director of the 3/2 engineering program has information available on opportunities at other schools and the details of the transfer process.

Director of 3/2 Engineering Program: Dr. Tom Askew, Olds-Upton 208C,


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