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Kalamazoo College

Mellon Community of Practice Grants

Goals of the CoP Grants: 

  • Continued creation of our Kalamazoo College faculty community of practice. 
  • Deliberate and intentional support of syllabus transformation, course revision, new course development, and departmental/programmatic changes across the curriculum.  This reflects a shift in models from giving stipends to individuals toward supporting the work and resources necessary for a community of practice.
  • Intended Scope of the CoP Grants  All faculty are asked to meaningfully participate in this program, perhaps by writing a proposal (see below) but alternatively by participating in a
    colleague’s CoP project.

When you have an idea for a CoP Grant project please submit a written proposal to the Provost in which you do the following (in as much detail as possible).

  1. Explain your desire to create/work with a community of practice, and discuss the definition of your CoP model and how it relates to the working definition above.
  2. Describe the work you propose taking on:
    a.  Who will be involved?
    b.  What will you be doing?
    c.  What resources will you need? (please include a budget)
  3. Articulate the way your proposed work advances the goals of thinking deeply about how we work with each other and how we view curriculum, syllabi, content and/or pedagogy.