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Kalamazoo College

Provost Areas

Academic Advising
Ms. Lesley Clinard, Director of Advising, coordinates the team of faculty and administrators who serve as academic advisors. The advisors help students set educational goals, make appropriate choices to meet requirements, and realize their potential.

Academic Resource Centers
There are four academic resource centers to help students achieve academic success. The Writing Center, Amy Newday, Director--which includes the English as a Second Language program coordinated by Candace Bailey Combs; the Bio-Chem Academic Resource Center; the Math-Physics Academic Resource Center, Mckenzie West, Director; and the Research Consultant Center, Robin Rank, Director.

Associate Provost
Dr. Laura Furge is the Associate Provost. She works closely with the departments and the Registrar in setting course scheduling and enrollments. She also hires all part-time faculty, oversees new faculty orientation activities, and moderates student complaints. In addition, Laura oversees the Shared Passages program.

Coordinator of Educational Effectiveness
The Coordinator of Educational Effectiveness, Dr. Patrik Hultberg, works with the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Assessment Committee in support of pedagogy, curriculum development and the scholarship of teaching and learning.  He plans the Teaching and Learning Workshop at the start of each year, works with departments and programs on assessment, and oversees the course evaluation process.  Patrik oversees the Academic Resource Centers, located in the Learning Commons and Olds/Upton, and serves as coordinator of the Teaching Commons located in Dewing.  Patrik also publishes the Educational Quality Assessment website and works on the development of the K-Plan Commonplace. 

Center for Career and Professional Development
The Center focuses on helping students identify, seek out, apply for, and secure career opportunities. About 74% of all "K" students complete at least one internship, many of them complete two.  The CCPD oversees the Guilds, which consist of students, alumni, faculty, staff and individuals in the community organized around common interdisciplinary themes to provide professional preparation, networking, and additional integration between the academic world and the world outside of college.

Center for International Programs
The CIP assists students in attending "K" sponsored programs and additional approved programs run by other colleges. 85% of our graduates in the last 40 years have studied abroad.

Class Deans
The Class Deans serve as a "go to" person for students with a problem or a concern. Class Deans help students navigate the critical issues and events of a particular year and increase the sense of community within and between each class.  They are:  Jennifer Einspahr, First Year Class Dean; Charles Stull, Sophomore Class Dean; Ed Menta, Junior Class Dean; and Amelia Katanski, Senior Class Dean.

Faculty Grants and Institutional Research
The Director of Institutional Research and Research Grants, Anne Dueweke, assists by providing information on external funding to support faculty research, creative, curricular, community, and outreach endeavors. Also, this office collects and analyzes data to support decision-making, strategic planning, and assessment of student learning.

Graduate Fellowships, Scholarships and Health Professions Advising
Dr. Diane Kiino is the Director of Health Sciences and Chair of the Graduate Fellowships Committee.  She conducts informational meetings for students interested in entering a health profession and applying to professional schools.  She also offers workshops for students applying for grants, scholarships or fellowships.  Dr. Kiino is the Executive Director of the Heyl Scholarship Fund and the advisor to the college‚Äôs chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society.

Information Services
Information and resources on the library, computer services, technology, and media services.

Registrar's Office
Information and resources including schedule of classes, academic calendars, exam week schedules, and New Course Proposal forms.

Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Center for Civic Engagement
The Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) strengthens the community and promotes academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility among our students.