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Kalamazoo College

Faculty Committees

For a description regarding the role of committee members and the composition and charges of each committee, please see the Faculty Handbook, Section 6.

Academic Standards

Admission and Financial Aid


Faculty and administrators on the Assessment Committee study, review and assess the College's educational programs, curricula, and academic departments.  For assessment plans and results, please see the Educational Quality Assessment website at

Educational Policies

Experiential Education

Faculty Development Committee

Visit the Faculty Development Committee's web page for information on applying for development funds, academic leaves and sabbatical leaves. In addition to Faculty Development Committee awards, tenure-track faculty are eligible for research funding and a post-3rd year review leave made possible by the New Faculty/Lambert account. A list of current faculty activity can be found at

Faculty Executive Committee

Visit the Faculty Executive Committee's sharepoint site.  Information such as faculty meeting information, minutes, etc., are available there.  Also the Faculty Committee Lists area provides the membership of committees for each year. It can also be accessed through the portal under Team Sites.

Faculty Personnel Committee

Visit the Faculty Personnel Committee's web page for information on the retention/review process, information on what to submit for your review file, and a schedule of this year's timeline for retention reviews.

Planning and Budget

Teaching and Learning