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Kalamazoo College

We're Hiring!

The Kalamazoo College Recycling Department is hiring! With the goal of sustainability in mind, this spring we are facilitating a direct exchange of knowledge from current interns to new interns through a shadowing-mentorship framework. The positions listed below are paid, work-study eligible positions that average less than 4 hours per week. Applying for these position obligates and guarantees you a job for the 2017-18 school year (barring complications throughout the spring). 

Being a first-year or sophomore Compost Intern involves working shifts with current compost interns a few days per week. Duties include on-campus rounds, off-campus rounds, managing the grove piles and the earth tubs. 

In order to be the Rounds Intern, the applicant must have been a rounds employee with the KCRD. The Rounds intern will be coordinating the hours of and managing dozens of student workers in the Recycling Department, among other communication and organization based tasks. Shadowing the intern means coordinating times with the current intern to shadow them attending to an array of responsibilities integral to the role. 

It is suggested, though not required, that the Communications Intern have been involved in some aspect of the Recycling Department prior applying. It is also suggested, though, again, not required, that the Communications Intern be artistically inclined, have strong writing skills, and be familiar with many forms of social media. To shadow the Communications Intern is to coordinate time with the current intern to become familiar with the resources the communications intern frequently requires for the job and assist with projects.

The HUB/REP Intern must be an individual who has worked in HUB and REP for at least a year, is competent with bike mechanics and is a skilled organizer. Shadowing this position will entail additional shop time and assistance with spring shop maintenance. 

Thanks for considering applying to work with the Recycling Department, we look forward to reading your application! If you have any questions, contact Emiline Chipman, the current Communications Intern, at k14ec01.

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