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Air Conditioner Policy

Students requiring the use of an air conditioner must provide their own air conditioner and a physician's note detailing the necessity of it to the Office of Residential Life.  The physician's note must be submitted and confirmed by Residential Life prior to installation.  Air conditioners must be properly installed in the bedroom, cannot be larger than 6,000 BTUs, and must be Energy Star Certified.  To offset the additional energy costs to the College for such usage, students with air conditioners will be charged $70.00 per quarter.

Any air conditioner installed during the Fall Quarter must be removed from the window (and the screen put back in place) by the student prior to departure for Winter Break.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the air conditioner by the College and the student will be charged accordingly.  The air conditioner may be reinstalled by the student at the beginning of the Spring Quarter.