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Kalamazoo College

Resolving Conflicts Policy

It would be unreasonable to assume that all conflicts and disputes which are likely to arise in the residential system will be easily resolved by mutual understanding and agreement.  Initial responsibility for settling disputes rests with the individuals involved, who are expected to attempt to resolve problems whenever possible before turning to the Residential Life staff.  The Area Coordinators and the Resident Assistants, as College officials living in the residences, will strive to protect the rights of all residents by advising and assisting individuals.  When problems cannot or will not be settled in this manner, the staff will enforce the regulations and policies of the College and initiate disciplinary actions as appropriate.  On those occasions when members of the staff find it necessary to act in the role of College authority, residents are obliged to follow their directives. 

If a resident believes that a member of the staff is acting improperly, the resident should:

  1. Follow the instructions of the staff member.
  2. Inform the staff member that the resident believes the staff member is acting improperly.
  3. Register a formal complaint with Student Development.

It is the goal of the Office of Residential Life and the staff to resolve problems at the lowest possible level and to institute formal disciplinary action only when necessary.  Formal response must, of course, be governed by the nature of the particular dispute or infraction.  Initial action for serious offenses will begin at a higher level.