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Kalamazoo College

Guest Policy

Kalamazoo College policy requires students to register all overnight guests by completing the Kalamazoo College Guest Registration Form.  Guests may visit for up to three nights in succession, and any guests remaining for an extended period of time will be asked to leave.  The Guest Registration Form assists the Residential Life staff with keeping track of who is residing in the residence halls in the event of an emergency.

With regards to guests, students are urged to extend the same respect, consideration, and understanding to roommates that they would appreciate for themselves.  Entertaining guests is a negotiable issue with a roommate, not an inalienable right.  Each student has the right to entertain guests in his or her room/suite, as long as the roommate's rights to access, privacy and to study and sleep free from disturbance are respected.  A resident may not entertain guests in a room over the objections of a roommate.

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their non-Kalamazoo College guests and for other students who are visiting their room or suite.  Residents are responsible for their guests at all times and for escorting them while they are on campus.  This also requires that hosts are with guests for the duration of their stay at the College, and that guests have picture ID with them at all times.  In addition, guests must follow all College policies.  Residents may also be held accountable for intentional abuse of the guest policy.  A violation of such policies will result in the guest being removed from campus and the host being held accountable through the student conduct process.

When roommate conflicts arise over guests, the students involved are expected to make every mature and responsible effort to resolve the situation, utilizing the resources of the Residential Life staff if necessary.