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Kalamazoo College

The Office of Residential Life recognizes the need for students to individualize their rooms.  Some students find that lofts help them personalize the space and use the floor area more efficiently.  Lofts are permitted in DeWaters, Harmon and Trowbridge halls.  Due to the attached furniture configuration, lofts are not permitted in Crissey, Hoben or Severn halls.  The College does not provide specific plans for loft building.  In the interest of safety, all lofts must comply with the following regulations:

  1. Lofts must be free-standing and cannot be attached to walls, floors, ceilings, doors, shelves, or supported by or attached to College furniture.
  2. Lofts may not be constructed out of pre-treated lumber.  Treated lumber can create a serious health hazard in an enclosed environment and is intended for outdoor use only.  Lofts must be lag-bolted or screwed together, not nailed or glued.
  3. Lofts may not obstruct the functioning of windows. Beds bunked or raised up to a level to or above the window ledge may not be placed parallel to the window, unless the loft or bunk is at least 36 inches away from the window.  This will help prevent accidentally falling against the window and/or screen.
  4. Loft placement must not interfere with the proper operation and functioning of room heating unit.
  5. Removal or modification of existing electrical fixtures, lighting, outlets, cable TV/telephone/internet jacks to accommodate loft placement is not permitted.
  6. The remodeling and/or attachment of electrical fixtures and electrical outlets to the loft are prohibited.  Lofts may not be enclosed in any way (e.g. curtains, netting, tapestries, posters, etc.).
  7. No part of the loft construction, including the mattress, can extend to a height greater than 18 inches below the bottom of the sprinkler head in the room.
  8. A loft must be at least 36 inches away from the door and allow the door to open to at least 90 degrees to meet fire safety/egress standards.
  9. Any loft design should utilize the existing bed frame and mattress.  Students are not permitted to remove any College-owned furniture from their rooms and there is not storage available for these items. Residential Life recommends that a student incorporate the bed parts into the loft design. However, students may not permanently alter (nailing, drilling, painting, etc.) any parts of a College bed to construct a loft.
  10. Lofts may not be designed with elevated platforms or second-story effect.
  11. The College is not liable for any injury resulting from poor loft construction or a fall from a loft.
  12. The College reserves the right to have lofts inspected by Facilities Management as necessary. Any lofts determined to be structurally unsound or unsafe will be required to be disassembled immediately by the student(s) of the room.
  13. Storage for lofts over the summer is not available. Students should not move anything into the room that they are not willing or able to take with them upon checking out of the residence halls.