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Kalamazoo College

Residents Rights and Responsibilities Policy

For Privacy and Security

Each resident has the right of access to and use of his or her room, free from solicitation, disturbance or interference, and harassment. Residents may entertain guests who abide by the regulations and policies of the residential system. Every reasonable effort shall be made so that rights of privacy, peace, quiet and public order are adequate to provide for study, sleep and safety. The College seeks to insure the privacy of each student. Therefore, no room will be entered by a college official without first knocking. See room inspections and searches for more information.

Residents in any way violating these rights or regulations or policies relating to the residential system as contained elsewhere in this web site are subject to the full range of disciplinary actions available to the College, up to and including removal from housing, suspension and dismissal.

The exterior doors of the residential system in all living units are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week and should not be propped open or left unlocked. Students compromising building security in any fashion are subject to disciplinary action. Students are issued ID/security cards or keys for the exterior door(s) of their residence hall or house. Lost ID cards must be reported to Security immediately and the student will be billed $10.00 for replacement.

Students are encouraged to be security conscious and lock private rooms and windows within the residential system. Lost room, suite, or exterior door keys should be reported to a member of the Residential Life staff immediately. Keys will be replaced and room door locks recored in every case. A resident will be billed $10.00 for each replacement key and $50.00 for each recored lock . Residents are responsible for carrying their keys with them, and are allowed only two lock-outs. After this number, the resident is charged a $20.00 fee each time he/she requests to be keyed into his/her room.

Students should keep their windows closed and locked when they are not in their rooms. Click here for information to make sure your window is locking securely. Ground floor and first floor windows are equipped with safety latches to enable students to keep their windows open at a secure level.

If residents have concerns about the way policies are enacted or enforced they should report their concerns to an Area Coordinator or the Associate Dean of Students.