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Kalamazoo College

Room Decorations and Alterations Policy

Students are highly encouraged to personalize their rooms, and the College has specific guidelines that allow for personalization without causing possible permanent damage to residence hall spaces:

  1. Pictures, posters, flags, etc. should be hung from molding installed for that purpose.  Where there is no molding, 3M removable tape, making tape, or poster putty may be used.  No other adhesives may be used (i.e. duct tape, carpet tape, double sided tape, wood glue, etc.).  This includes the inside and outside of room doors and door frames.
  2. When the resident(s) of the room/quad/suite/house vacate(s), adhesive residue must be removed from walls, windows, doors, etc. or the resident(s) will be charged for the removal.
  3. Nails, screws, thumb tacks, and brackets may not be used anywhere in student rooms (i.e. walls, ceilings, window frames, doors, door frames, furniture, etc.).
  4. Ceiling tiles may not be moved or removed.  Items may not be hung from ceilings, support beams within ceilings, pipes, sprinkler heads, etc.
  5. Stickers, adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars, etc. may not be adhered to ceiling tiles.
  6. Students may not paint any part of their rooms or College-owned furniture.
  7. Students may not mount anything, including but not limited to: antennas and satellite dishes, signs, flags, etc. to the exterior of any residence hall building or living-learning housing unit.
  8. Students may not hang anything out of their windows or place objects on exterior window sills or balconies.
  9. Upon check out, all college furniture must be reconfigured the way it was at check-in (e.g. beds bunked, etc.) and students are not permitted to leave furniture, carpet, or any other personal items.  Failure to reconfigure the furniture in the living space and/or remove personal items will result in improper checkout charges.