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Kalamazoo College

Terms of the College Room and Board Contract

Kalamazoo College affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential undergraduate experience. Residential living is supportive of one's academic preparation and plays an integral role in one's experiential education, providing rich opportunities for involvement and development. Therefore, Kalamazoo College requires all students to reside within the College's residential system and board at the College's dining center through winter quarter of their junior year.

  1. The Kalamazoo College Residential System Room Contract covers the period of quarterly assignment from the opening of the residence halls through the closing of the residence halls each quarter.  The sum total stated on the quarterly billing statement covers the complete room and board charges for the period of assignment, excluding vacation periods.
  2. Students who obtain an assignment in the College’s residential system are obligated to Kalamazoo College for room and board fees (except where board is not required) through an entire academic year, unless they withdrawal from the College, participate in a College approved off-campus program, or are released by Residential Life.
  3. The College reserves the right to assign space, change assignments or remove students from the residential system when deemed necessary.  Students who live with Resident Assistants may need to relocate to a different space if staffing changes are made at any point prior to or during an academic year.
  4. The student who holds this contract agrees to observe and abide by all Federal, State of Michigan and local laws, Kalamazoo College regulations and policies and the terms and conditions contained herein.
  5. All students living on campus except those in campus apartments and Living Learning Housing Units must carry a residential board plan in the College Dining Center.
  6. Residential, keycard and dining privileges may not be used by anyone other than the assigned student.
  7. The student who holds this contract is fully responsible for the assigned living area.  This includes, but is not limited to, responsibility for excessive cleaning or damage charges, lost keys, and all activity by the contracted student and visitors/guests in the assigned living area.
  8. The College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause (including, but not limited to, theft, electricity, water, and heat) to the personal property of residents. Each resident is responsible for his or her own property and that of guests. The college encourages students to either make sure their possessions are covered under parents' homeowners insurance, or obtain renters insurance.
  9. If a student leaves the College during an academic term (withdrawal, medical leave of absence, suspension, expulsion, etc.), the amount of refund (if eligible) for room and board charges will be determined by the Student Accounts Office using the College’s refund calculator. A student who withdraws from the College, is dismissed or otherwise leaves the College at any time for any reason must vacate their room, remove all belongings, clean their room, and check out properly with a Residential Life staff member within 24 hours.