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Kalamazoo College

Employee Parking and Registration Agreement

Kalamazoo College
Employee Parking Regulations on Campus
Automobile Registration and Citation Agreement

All motor vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, parked on Kalamazoo College property by employees must be registered with the Campus Safety Office and shall properly display a Kalamazoo College parking sticker.

There is no charge to obtain a Kalamazoo College parking sticker or permit. Vehicle registration is complete only when the sticker is completely affixed to the motor vehicle and properly displayed on the vehicle.

Parking stickers on motor vehicles will be securely affixed to the lower passenger side corner of the front windshield. Parking stickers on motorcycles will be affixed to the rear fender as close as possible to the rear license plate.

Drivers may park in designated areas on campus highlighted for staff, commuters or visitors. Some designated areas have signage indicating time restrictions.

Persons parking in violation of any provision of Kalamazoo College’s Parking Regulations are subject to receiving a parking violation and/or having their vehicle towed.

Parking fines issued, if any, must be paid within 30 days of issue. Fines not paid within 30 days of issue will be deducted from the employee’s Kalamazoo College paycheck. Citations may be disputed by appealing to the Director of Security within 7 days of issue.

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