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Kalamazoo College

Reporting Criminal Activity

The College has a 24-hour security department and therefore is available to respond to any type of incident that occurs on our campus. Emergency phones have been installed about our campus as well as at each main entrance to our residence halls. Additionally, faculty/staff and students have access to a 24-hour phone in buildings that are utilized after normal business hours. Security will respond to all calls for service and will summon additional assistance through the local public safety department. The security department encourages all members of the College community to report criminal acts and/or suspicious occurrences to security immediately.

Criminal offenses should be reported to the Campus Safety Department (7321), but may be reported to the Dean of Students (7209), the Associate Deans of Students, or the Director of Residential Life (7520).

Emergency requests for service can be reported to: Security (7321) or Kalamazoo Department Public Safety (9-911).

The following individuals are exempt from reporting criminal statistics under the law. Therefore any victim who wishes to report a criminal offense and wishes for the information to remain totally confidential may report the crime to:

Director of Counseling, Kenlana Ferguson (7191)
Outreach Coordinator, Heather Dannison (7348)
College Chaplain, Elizabeth Hakken Candido (7362)

Open Campus Security Log

Kalamazoo College's Office of Campus Safety maintains a daily log concerning crimes reported to the security department. The categories contained in this log are: crime classification, date, time, general location of the crime and disposition of the complaint.This log is available for public inspection. This information will appear for each crime reported unless the disclosure of such information is prohibited by law, would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim, would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, the safety of an individual, or result in the destruction of evidence.