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Kalamazoo College

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Policy

  • Kalamazoo College policy requires immediate evacuation when any fire alarm sounds within a building. All faculty, staff, students and any other individuals within the building must promptly evacuate the building using the nearest designated exit routes.
  • Departments are responsible to ensure all people in their building are aware of exit routes and the location of their building Emergency Assembly Area.
  • Personnel may briefly delay evacuating if they need time to shut down electrical and other equipment that involves flame, explosive vapors, or hazardous materials. Safeguarding of sensitive and confidential records should be planned for as well.
  • After exiting the building, occupants are to go directly to their designated Emergency Assembly Area and follow guidance provided by the Campus Safety Committee team member (or designated safety representative) and or emergency responders.
  • No one may re-enter the building until authorized to do so by Campus Safety or Public Safety officials

Fire and General Evacuation Procedures

  • In case of fire, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station
  • Immediately obey evacuation alarms and orders. Tell others to evacuate.
  • No one may remain inside a building when an evacuation is in progress.
  • Classes in session must evacuate.
  • If involved with hazardous research or dangerous procedure shut down operations and evacuate as soon as possible
  • When you evacuate, take keys, coat, purse, and any other critical personal items with you to the Emergency Assembly Area if possible. Close doors as rooms are vacated.
  • If an Active Shooter situation leave your personal belongings behind.
  • Assist those who need help, but do not put yourself at risk attempting to rescue trapped or injured victims.
  • Note the location of trapped or injured victims and notify emergency responders.
  • Walk calmly but quickly to the nearest emergency exit.
  • Use Stairways only; do not use elevators.
  • Keep to the right side of corridors and stairwells as you exit.
  • Proceed directly to the Emergency Assembly Area. Stay away from the immediate area near the building you just evacuated.
  • Remain in the Emergency Assembly Area until roll is taken and instructions are given.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized Campus Safety or Public Safety officials give “All-Clear” instructions. Remain at least 300 feet away from the building.
  • When you have evacuated the building and made it to your designated assembly area, contact Campus Safety at 337-7321

Designated Emergency Assembly Areas

Anderson Athletic Center Fitness Center Front Door area – Academy St. and Catherine St.
Arcus Center Corner of Academy St. and Monroe St.
Dewing Hall Main Quad side entrance to Mandelle Hall
Dow Science Center Circle Drive at Balch Play House
Light Fine Arts- Music & Art Corner of Thompson and Academy Upjohn Library side
Light Fine Arts- Theatre Lower FAB lot near Stowe Stadium
Facilities Management FacMan Service drive east of Anderson Gym by the recycling dumpsters
Athletic Field House Main parking lot near the Blue light emergency telephone Box
Fitness Center Outside of the Anderson Athletic Center lobby entrance
Hicks Center Front Steps of Chapel
Humphrey House Lower FAB lot next to the tennis courts
Olds/Upton Main Quad near Hicks Center
Mandelle Hall Quad near front steps of Chapel
Natatorium Outside Fitness Center front doors
Stetson Chapel Dewing Commons
Upjohn Library Patio in front of FAB
Crissey Hall Area behind Crissey adjacent to Natatorium
DeWaters Hall Area behind Chapel between DeWaters and Dewing
Harmon Hall Area behind Hoben
Hoben Hall Main Quad between Hicks and Olds-Upton
Severn Hall Severn parking lot
Trowbridge Hall Trowbridge parking lot
Trowbridge LLU Area behind Chapel between DeWaters and Dewing
114, 116 Catherine St. Area across Catherine St. old intermural field area
1308, 1316 1328, 1338 W. Lovell St. Area directly across the street on West Lovell St.
217, 223, 307 Monroe St. Area across the street on Monroe St.

Emergency Shelter- In- Place Procedures

  • Shelter in Place: Seek immediate shelter inside a College Business Building or Residence Hall. This course of action may be required during a tornado, release of hazardous materials spill, civil disturbance, or Active Shooter situation.
  • When notified by emergency sirens or K-Alert notification, immediately go inside a building to a safe location and use all communication means available to find out more details about the emergency. Remain in place until Campus Safety or Public Safety personnel inform you it is safe to leave.

Weather Emergency

  • For Tornado Warnings an emergency announcement will come via the K-Alert Notification System in the form of text messages, voice messages, and email messages.
  • The Kalamazoo County emergency sirens will also sound for tornado warnings.
  • Proceed to the lowest level of your building and position yourself in the safest portion of the area away from glass. Be prepared to kneel facing a wall and cover your head. Do not utilize elevators in order to get to lowest level floor or basement.
    • Direct students to the shelter area.
    • Assist visitors to the shelter area.
  • In the event of a tornado watch, be prepared to evacuate to a shelter area and check online weather reports.

Active Shooter

  • If you hear something that sounds similar to gunshots:
    • Figure out what is going on and take action immediately
    • Get Out – Can you safely escape from the threat?
    • Hide Out – Can you find a safe place to hide that can be locked or barricaded and provides protection from the shooter?
    • Take Out – You may have to physically overpower the shooter if you are confronted by them. Distract the shooter, throw things, have a plan, work as a team (Attend Active Shooter Session).
  • Once you are in a position of safety, call 911 or Campus Safety at 269-337-7321.
  • If you receive an emergency notification regarding an active shooter and you are in a safe location, move to a room that can be secured and locked and then barricade the door(s). Updates will be sent via the emergency notification system. Law Enforcement or Campus Security will provide direction when they make contact.

Medical Emergencies

  • For injuries requiring more serious medical attention call 911 if warranted and Campus Safety at 269-337-7321. For non-emergency injuries that require minor medical attention call 269-337-7321.
  • Campus Safety will send an officer to the location of the medical emergency. If 911 was called, you will also need to contact Campus Safety at 269-337-7321 and inform the officer of the emergency to ensure Campus Safety officers respond to the scene to assist with directing other emergency responders.
  • In case of sudden cardiac arrest, Kalamazoo College has Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) for use by any member of the campus community. When an emergency call is received, Campus Safety will respond and assist the staff member in performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Life saving measures will be provided as appropriate until EMS personnel arrive.