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Kalamazoo College

Fire Safety Policy

Fire safety is a serious concern of the College. The following regulations and policies are designed to protect every individual in the College community from the threat of fire. All members of the College community are expected to understand and abide by these regulations.

Building/Room Capacities and Overcrowding. Overcrowding in a facility can be very dangerous in case of fire. Please abide by capacity restrictions and leave an area in an orderly fashion if asked to do so by a security guard attempting to eliminate the overcrowding.

The Kalamazoo Public Safety Department Fire Marshall has established the following building capacity limits.





(T/C=Tables/Chairs; N/T/C=No Tables/Chairs)

AAC-Anderson Athletic Center Gym T/C 1,289, N/T/C 2,763
CRISSEY-Residence Hall Basement Lounge T/C 65, N/T/C 196
DEWATERS-Residence Hall 2nd Floor-West Lounge T/C 33, N/T/C 99
FAB-Fine Arts Building Dungeon Theatre 100
FAB-Fine Arts Building Dalton Theatre 403
FAB-Fine Arts Building Balch Playhouse 299
FAB-Fine Arts Building Recital Hall 160
HARMON-Residence Hall Full Lounge T/C 100, N/T/C 300
HICKS CENTER Old Welles Hall T/C 266, N/T/C 571, C 466
HICKS CENTER Stone Room T/C 138, C 295
HOBEN-Residence Hall Full Lounge TC 134, N/T/C 286
MANDELLE Olmsted Room T/C 54, N/T/C 116
SEVERN-Residence Hall Lounge T/C 64, N/T/C 192
TROWBRIDGE-Residence Hall Main Lounge-1st Floor T/C 74, N/T/C 223

Cooking. For health, safety, and liability reasons students may not cook regular meals in the residential system in place of a board contract outside of the campus apartments or the Living/Learning Housing Units that are equipped for that purpose.

False Alarms and Fire Extinguishers. Initiating a false alarm or discharging a fire extinguisher for other than a fire emergency is a violation of College policy.

Fire Drills. State law requires fire drills. The College conducts drills every quarter. Whenever a fire alarm sounds, persons are expected to leave the building quickly and in an orderly manner by the nearest exit. All windows and doors should be closed, but not locked. Persons may not reenter a building until instructed to do so. Those who fail to vacate buildings when an alarm sounds are first endangering themselves and others and secondly are in violation of state fire codes. As a minimum sanction, a fine of $50.00 may be imposed for failure to vacate a building.

Fire Exits. Posted building floor plans show fire exit routes and locations of fire extinguishers. Tampering with posted exits plans is prohibited. Fire exits or any emergency egress may not be blocked or tampered with in any fashion. Items, including furniture and bicycles, my not be stored in or near fire exits.

Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Systems. Attaching or hanging anything from any portion of a sprinkler system, including pipes and sprinkler heads, or activities that may damage or accidentally activate the system in any fashion (e.g., playing sports in a residence hall hallway) are strictly prohibited.

Fireworks and Explosives. The possession or use of fireworks or explosives on campus is strictly forbidden. See policy at:

Open Flames. Open flames, including candles, are prohibited by the city fire code. Playing with fire in any manner, whether or not damage or injury occurs, is strictly forbidden.

Prohibited Items. A list of items prohibited for health or safety reasons in the residential system for safety reasons can be found at:

Smoking and Burning Incense. Smoking and burning incense (or other materials) is prohibited in all classroom, administrative, athletic, and residence buildings on campus. See the College's smoking policy at:

Tampering. Students may not tamper with the following, including but not limited to window screens, doors, locks, safety devices, smoke or fire detection devices, fire extinguishers, exit lights, pull stations, sprinkler/fire suppression systems (including sprinkler heads & control valves), electrical wiring, outlets, fixtures, plumbing, telephone, computer or TV cable. As a minimum sanction, a fine of $50.00 will be imposed for tampering or damaging any fire safety equipment or system.

Sanctions. Violators of any of the above policies and those who endanger others will be subject to the full range of sanctions available to the College, including, but not limited to fines, restitution (including repair and replacement), removal from the residential system, suspension and expulsion.