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Kalamazoo College

Motor Vehicle and Parking


Please notice that student parking has changed significantly for the 2017-18 academic year.  Drivers are expected to review and have a working knowledge of campus motor vehicle driving and parking regulations.  Regulations have been developed to promote driving and pedestrian safety, ensure orderly traffic movement, encourage orderly parking, and provide access for emergency vehicles.  The Kalamazoo College Campus Safety staff has the authority to ticket and remove vehicles that are in violation of College regulations.


All parking permits must be registered and paid for online using the webadvisor. 24 hour on-campus permits for the academic year may be purchased for $140.00 per academic year.
Winter Quarter: $80.00
Spring Quarter: $40.00

Commuter permits are $90.00 per academic year.
Winter Quarter: $60.00
Spring Quarter: $30.00

When a permit is paid for a receipt must be printed and presented at the Campus Safety Office where you will receive the permit.  Permits are limited.

Open registration: August 21, 2017.

First year students are not eligible for a parking permit; exceptions for the rule which are rare include a need for traveling off campus for health and an extended off campus work schedule.  Authorization will be granted by the Director of Security after documentation supporting the need is presented.

Commuter parking permits
Commuting students must register their cars if they wish to park on campus.  A commuter parking permit does not allow for overnight parking.  A commuter parking permit holder is eligible to park in any student parking lot until 2am.

Restricted parking permits
Under limited circumstances restricted parking permits will be issued.  Restricted parking permits are valid only at the athletic field lot. 

Visitor parking permits
Visitor’s permits are free and must be registered using the Kalamazoo College student’s information.  The Kalamazoo College student with the visitor is responsible for parking and vehicle compliance.  The visitor’s permits are valid in all student lots except Trowbridge.

Admissions Guest/Visitors
Guest and visitor parking spaces are designated for admissions, if it is anticipated that more spaces will be needed temporary parking permits are available.

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff must register their cars if they wish to park on campus.  Please review the updated employee parking regulations and online registration – under the Employee Parking and Registration Agreement tab. 

Parking locations designated during the day includes Upper Fine Arts, Lower Fine Arts (south row), Facilities Management, Campus Drive, and parts of Trowbridge. 

Request for overnight parking must be directed to the Campus Safety Office.


The Upper Fine Arts, South row of Lower Fine Arts, Facilities Management lots are restricted to faculty and staff from 7:00am to 5:00pm on business days.

The Acker Lane, Severn, Markin, DeWaters, and portions of  Trowbridge lots are restricted to student overnight permit parking.

The Athletic Field Lot is open for both day and overnight parking and is restricted to cars with permits.

No vehicle shall be parked in designated no-parking areas, such as sidewalks and lawns, the middle of a lot, or next to a building, except for maintenance, or emergency purposes.

If overnight lots are full, arrangements for registered cars can be made with the Security Office to park in a restricted lot.

Cars with commuter permits may park in student designated lots from 6:00am to 2:00am.

Student 24 hour lots: Part of Trowbridge, Acker Lane, athletic field, and Severn.

Faculty/Staff day lots: Upper Fine Arts Building (except 5 Admission stalls), Lower Fine Arts (south stalls which face Humphrey House), Facilities Management, and portions of Trowbridge.

Commuter day lots: 6:00am-2:00am, All student lots.

Hicks lot:  Visitor parking from 6:00am-2:00am, Monday-Friday.  Hicks lot is closed 2:00am-6:00am, Monday-Friday.


Vehicles must be registered in accordance with the schedule above. Having your vehicle registered does not guarantee you a parking spot.

Registered vehicles must properly display the parking permit in the lower right hand corner of the windshield.

Vehicles must be parked within marked spaces, those impeding traffic will be towed.

There shall be no driving or parking on sidewalks or lawns, the middle of a lot, or next to a building entrance except for maintenance, or emergency purposes.

The speed limit on campus roads is 15 MPH.

Designated spaces for Area Coordinators, Campus Safety, and Physician are clearly marked and shall not be occupied by others.

Students may not leave cars in College lots during an off quarter without authorization.


Violators of parking offenses will be fined $20 or $30 dollars per citation depending on the offense.  Falsifying a registration, providing false information, or use of an unauthorized parking permit is a violation of the Honor System. Violators will be referred under the Student Conduct Code, and will be subject to loss of parking privileges for up to one year.

Violators who receive two unpaid tickets are subject to immediate tow without notice on the third violation and loss of parking privileges.

Parking violations by registered visitors will be the responsibility of the student who registered the visitor.  Vehicles may be banned from campus for violation of one way restrictions on Campus Drive.

Parking citations will be paid at the business office; unpaid citations will be billed to the offenders account.


Parking tickets may be appealed within 7 calendar days to the Director of Campus Safety.

Appeals made after 7 calendar days will not be accepted and the appellant will be found responsible for the violation by default.