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Kalamazoo College

Student Responsibility

 The cooperation and involvement of students themselves in a campus safety program is absolutely necessary. Students must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple common sense precautions. For example, although the campus is well lighted, any student-male or female-may feel more comfortable using the College security escort service when returning to the residence halls late at night. Room doors should be locked at night and when the room is unoccupied. Strangers should never be allowed into residence halls. Students with cars must park them in their assigned area and keep vehicles locked at all times. Valuables should be locked in the trunk. Each student is expected to take the necessary precautions to avoid being victimized.

Each student will be held accountable for knowing, understanding and following the policies and regulations of the College as found online and the administrative policies as defined by specific offices of the College.