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Kalamazoo College

Timely Warning and Mass Notification

Kalamazoo College will issue timely warnings to the campus community of situations that pose a potential threat to students and faculty/staff. A timely warning could be issued as a result of an event occurring on campus or a Non campus location. Timely warnings will include varying amounts of information, depending on the circumstances of an incident. Most of the timely warnings will carry a crime prevention tip to help our students take preventive measures.

The following mechanisms will be utilized for the timely warnings:

  •  Campus-wide email
  •  “K-Alert” Mass Notification System
  • Homepage (
  • Emergency Web page (
  • Campus Information telephone line
  • On/off campus media releases
  • Kalamazoo College digital display/marquee-(Hicks Center & Upjohn Library)
  • Public Address announcement where available--(Hicks Center & Upjohn Library)

The mechanisms identified above alert our College population to what is occurring on and around our campus. The information disseminated will assist the college community in identifying prevention techniques that can be utilized to avoid victimization.