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Kalamazoo College
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Goodwill Adult Literacy

 The Adult Literacy Program is a partnership between the Center for Civic Engagement, Goodwill Industries, the Kalamazoo Public Schools Adult Education Program, and the Even Start Family Literacy Program. This program is free and provides tutoring to prepare clients for the General Educational Development Exam (GED). The program’s goal is to provide services that will support their clients to pass their GED and attain employment. Most of the students are in their late teens to early twenties.

Each week, about 5 “K” students (both in co-curricular programs and through the General Psychology service-learning course) tutor adults in math, social studies, and reading, and provide support and encouragement.


Each quarter, all students must attend a mandatory orientation/training session, complete appropriate paperwork, and attend mandatory reflection sessions throughout the term.

Location: Goodwill Industries, 420 E Alcott St, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Program Times: Vary depending on student's schedule

Position: GED Tutor

Interested K College Students, Please Contact: Sarafina Milianti 

If you are an individual seeking information about enrolling in this GED program, please contact Goodwill Adult Literacy:

Scott Goodwin (382-0490 ext.229)