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Kalamazoo College

Club Grub After-School Program

Club Grub is an after school program at Woodward Elementary. Each week a group of 2nd and 3rd graders, K-helpers, and a Fair Food Matters community partner, come together to prepare and enjoy new recipes. Other activities include soil explorations in Woodward's garden, planting, baking, taste testing, chopping and much more.

Club Grub emphasizes that the best way to gain knowledge is through experiential learning. These hands-on, tangible, learning experiences highlight the importance of good nutrition, build food preparation skills from a young age, and gain exposure to different vegetables and fruit while doing it in a fun and meaningful way.

Each session consists of a lesson related to food, and always included a healthy snack that the children often prepared themselves.  Children learn about soil, the parts of a plant, and start their own worm bin compost.  Lessons also cover food systems—how food travels from farm to plate—and students explore the difference between local and global food systems with a taste test of apples that were grown both locally and across the country. 

About 5 "K" students work with about 10 Woodward students each week.

Program Mission:

The purpose of the program is “To empower students as citizens while learning about the importance of food, from what they eat to where it comes from.”  The program participants are seven to ten first through third grade students from the Woodward School. 

Positions: 2-3  K-student helpers

Requirements for K-student helpers:

All students must attend a mandatory orientation/training session, complete appropriate paperwork, and attend mandatory reflection sessions throughout the term.

Location: The Woodward School for Technology and Research, 606 Stuart Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Program Times: Tuesdays, 2:30PM-5:30PM

Contact: Daisy McLaughlin

Learn More about Fair Food Matters at