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Kalamazoo College

Spanish Interpreting

The Spanish Interpreting program began as partnership with WMed, which is currently under the purview of Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. Through this partnership, we are able to provide a much-needed Spanish interpreting service to ensure that the language gap is bridged between medical providers and their patients. This program also gives “K” students the opportunity to interact with the Kalamazoo community, broaden their views, improve their skills, and gain experience in a clinical setting.
Qualifications include proficiency in verbal Spanish through traditional courses and/or a study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country. Bilingual/bicultural students are strongly encouraged to apply. Interpreting is on an as-needed basis (more information can be provided on request). Students must have their own transportation, although it is possible to walk to WMed (~1 mile from campus).
After signing up for the program, students will be tested for Spanish proficiency and will attend an orientation with the student coordinator to complete forms and address any remaining questions or concerns. Students will also be provided with position descriptions at orientation. Following the campus orientation, we will have a pizza party/orientation at WMed to familiarize students with the building and its procedures.
Additionally, the program has begun a new partnership with the Kalamazoo chapter of Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON), “a ministry of hospitality that welcomes immigrants into our communities by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services, engaging advocacy for immigrants’ rights and offering education to communities of faith and the public”. Additionally, JFON also provides legal services for immigrants with annual earnings less than 200% of the poverty threshold. Students’ role at JFON can be that of a Spanish interpreter (speaking proficiency required), or in the departments of intake and/or child care (background check required).
JFON West Michigan website:
This program also partners with the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP). The BCCCNP works to cover follow-up medical costs for low income women in the 40-64 age range. This allows low income women “access to life-saving cancer screening services and follow-up care, including cancer treatment” if needed.
Contact: Sharat Kamath (CES for Fall 2017) and Alejandra Morales (CES for Winter and Spring 2018) 
Mosaic of Hope JFON Fundraiser 2018