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Civic Engagement Scholars (CES)

“As a Civic Engagement Scholar I learned to be aware of the social issues occurring in my community, specifically educational and social inequalities. I also learned to become proactive and involved with my community through different initiatives that empower and promote self-efficacy. “ – Amy Jimenez, K’14 

Samantha Luna, Karina Duarte, Carmen Nogueron, and Kourtney Johnson at the CES Summer Retreat 2016

What is a CES?!

CES stands for Civic Engagement Scholar. Simply put, CESs are paid student leaders for the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). They assume many responsibilities and roles – project coordinator, meeting convener, reflection facilitator, attendance taker, event planner, site supervisor, social entrepreneur, communicator, connector, social justice leader, advocate for the community members with whom they work, and representative of the Center for Civic Engagement. 

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Roles & Responsibilities? 

CESs recruit, train, orient, supervise, and evaluate their peers, coordinating complex service-learning programming with local agencies, public schools, health clinics and initiatives.  To ensure learning, they facilitate structured reflection with their peers. Together, they design campus-wide programs to share knowledge about and inspire action on compelling public problems.  These programs allow students to link course-based work with personal experiences in the community that illuminate issues and inspire advocacy on issues like health disparities, arts, immigration, sustainable development, educational inequality, adult literacy, diversity, urban sprawl, juvenile justice, and peacemaking.

Qualifications/Expectations: CESs are required to attend a three-day retreat in the fall before classes begin; expect to complete about 5-15 hours per week for their CES role, depending on program and time of year; attend bi-weekly reflection sessions with their CES peers and CCE staff; complete paperwork; organize and facilitate orientation/training sessions; plan and attend events; communicate regularly with community partners, students, and CCE staff; design meeting agendas; turn in student hours; etc.

Selection Process

Through a competitive application process each spring, the Center for Civic Engagement chooses these CESs from among the many students who have distinguished themselves in one or more of our partnership programs and/or in service-learning courses, demonstrating the passion and potential to lead and manage complex projects that promote social change.

Current CESs 

The Center for Civic Engagement selected twenty-four CESs for the 2017-2018 school year. Collectively, our CESs work in about 15 partnerships and coordinate over 180 K' participants every quarter. Please check our 2017-2018 Civic Engagement Scholars page to learn about this year's CESs!