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Kalamazoo College
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2017 - 2018 Civic Engagement Scholars

Check out the column on the left to see the bios of our 2017 - 2018 Civic Engagement Scholars!

Center for Civic Engagemnt Student Fellow: Sep'Tisha Riley

Club Grub: Daisy McLaughlin

Coalition for Reproductive Justice: Rachel Wasserman

Community Advocates for Parents and Students: Elizabeth Zacateclo and Michelle Murray

El Sol Elementary: Valentina Cordero 

Fire: Rumsha Sajid

Food Recovery Network: Paige Coffing

Goodwill: Sarafina Milianti

HYPE: Esther Yi and Micheal Watson

Just Food Collective: Aiden Voss, Lee Carter, Natalie Thompson

Spanish Interpretation (JFON): Sharat Kamath (Fall) and Alejandra Morales (Winter and Spring)

Swim for Success: Lexi Ambs and Gus Guthrie

Woodward Elementary: David VanderklootDelaney FordellKevin McCarty

Young Adult Program: Khusbu Patel