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Kalamazoo College
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Older Student Commission Minutes

October 6th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Marc Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Jessica Adams, Amber Lee, Andrea Bedway, Meredith Quinlin, Karl Wasmuth, Taylor Allard, Calder Burgam, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Rico Javier, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, and Sindhura Kompella.
  • Absent: Theodore Sweetser.
  • Guests: Erin Mette, Leah Rumsey, Kevin Groth, Rob Foley, Allana Callendrollo, Sabin Shah, Anthony Diaz, Amber Petin, William Skora, Adam Baranowski, and Brian Dietz.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: Budget

Student Commission Minutes
October 6, 2008
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary
Note: Student Commission will be abbreviated as S.C.

I.    Call to Order at 21:00

II.    Roll Call

a.    Theodore absent, Rico Javier late, and all others present.

III.    Approval of Minutes

a.    Leeor Schweitzer moved to approve the minutes, Joel Greenblatt seconded, and the motion passed.

IV.    Officer Business

a.    President

i.    After re-reading the bylaws, and being informed by the faculty on the IPEEC, there are only two students allowed on the IPEEC instead of three which is what we have. A revision to retroactively amend the Bylaws to allow the expansion of Campus Commissioners from 7 to 8 for the Fall 2008 quarter only was motioned by Leeor Schweitzer, seconded by Marissa Kilkka, and the passed. Sindhura Kompella is officially a Campus Commissioner.

ii.    A motion to table all further business, and proceed to the Budget until next meeting was done so by Alex, seconded by Karl Wasmuth. The motion carried.

V.    New Business

a.    Budget

i.    Appeals (In alphabetical order)

1.    ACLU (Leah Rumsey and Erin Mette (HYPE))

a.    The event that occurred before the budgets were due were done last spring quarter by the leaders of HYPE (Helping Youth through Personal Empowerment) and ACLU, and then did not leave information for this year’s leaders. In addition, the event was being put on in the name of Service Learning, and they had not anticipated the event in their budget. The groups have received $250 toward the speaker fee from a grant from the Student Development. They asked that $250 be dropped from their speaker fee and reallocated to other items in their budget that was not funded by Student Commission.

2.    ALC (Kevin Groth)

a.    Asked for the S. C. to fund the hotdogs for the 10/11/08 cookout that will be in coordination with 3 Athletic Events (both soccer teams, and football team), which includes 110 athletes. The food would draw crowds to the event, and provide some school spirit, as supported by the baseball cookout SP 08. ALC had not asked the Athletic Department because of previous experiences of them not funding events.

3.    Campus Energy Group (Rob Foley)

a.    Wanted to get more money to copy all of the pamphlets to hand out to people who want them. They would also be asked to be recycled through people. It was suggested by Student Commissioners to contact Jim VanSweeden, and get a list of people that want the pamphlets to not waste the money or paper.

4.    Economics and Business Club (Letter by Aidis Tuxhari)

a.    Asked to fund the K Fest expenses because they are a new student organization, they needed the exposure. They petitioned to have one half to all of the expenses covered.

5.    EnvOrg (Leeor Schweitzer)

a.    For the Fall Fest, 2 students are doing the henna tattoos, and are asking for 10/hr. If they were professionals then it would be $60/hour. Asked for an additional $5 on principle.

b.    For the Green Voting Guide LAC the copy costs are not for coping. The pamphlets were handed out at Freshmen Orientation, which is why the cost is so specific. Petitioning for an additional $38.16 to get all of the pamphlets covered.

6.    ISO (Alana Callendrollo)

a.    Asking for the money to do a dinner for both international and K students where they cook together. If they cannot get the money for this they will have to charge money for World Night’s costumes.

7.    K Desi (Sabin Shah), BSO (Amber Petin), LSO (Anthony Diaz)

a.    Asked for money for the La Fiesta Desi Soul, and it was not funded, would like to throw the event in a combination of 3 different cultures through food and music. They would like half of the event funded, and the rest will be fundraised. The breakup of half the money is as follows: K Desi $215, BSO $200, LSO $175. Additionally they asked for donations, and the event can be catered at price.

8.    WJMD (William Skora)

a.    The broadcasting license was removed from the budget because of an update from SoundExchange, and a vote from the U.S. Senate. Will ask for next years license Winter Term.

9.    Model UN (Adam Baranowski)

a.    The documentary that will be shown has been changed from Promises to Paradise Now, which is still about Isreali conflict. The new movie is on reserve at the library, so only the media costs are needed.

ii.    Alex Morgan answered questions concerning the funding of food for student organizations. With the exception of 3 groups we did not fund any food. The three groups were:  Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drive Organization, and Autism Awareness.

iii.    Problems involving events that are held before budgets are due will be taken into account at future FPC meetings.

iv.    Motions following this bullet point are in chronological order of when they were brought to the table.

v.    Motion: Take $250 from the ACLU speaker fee and put it into the general fund. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Marc Korn seconded. Motion passed with one against and one abstention.

vi.    Motion: Fund ACLU’s budget by allocating: $50 for the Report from Guantanamo showing; $15 for You Should Know Booth materials and decorations each; $10 for Sexual Assault Flowcharts; and $25 for Advertising totaling $115. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Owen seconded. After discussion, Derek Gianino motioned to table until the end of the budget review, Joel Greenblatt seconded, and this motion carried. After reviewing the budget a vote was held, with only 7 for the motion, it did not meet quorum +1, and therefore failed.

vii.    Motion: Maintain consistent on food policy by removing $50 from Autism Awareness in their Autumn Fest and putting it into the general fund. Marc Korn motioned, Derek Gianino seconded. Motion carried with 3 against and 6 abstentions.

viii.    Motion: Remove $57 from Habitat for Humanity’s Candy Sale to the general fund. Juli Scalf motioned, Derek Gianino seconded. Motion carried with one abstention.

ix.    Motion: Reduce the Breakfast food to $30 from $72 and Lunch food to $60 from $120 on Habitat for Humanity’s work weekends. Michelle Gigowski motioned, no one seconded, motion failed.

x.    Motion: Remove all food funding, $192, from Habitat for Humanity and put into general fund. Rico Javier motioned, no one seconded, motion failed.

xi.    Motion: Strike $22.17 from Model UN’s Promises DVD purchase. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Andrew Tyner seconded. Motion carried with 2 abstentions.

xii.    Motion: Reallocate $10 from the Pre-law Society’s print credits to general fund. Juli Scalf motioned, Rico Javier seconded, quorum +1 was not met, motion failed.

xiii.    Motion: Fund $5 for goldfish for ALC’s K Fest costs, and $12 for balloons and Poster for Business and Econ’s K Fest costs. Joel motioned, Andrea seconded. Motion carried with 3 abstentions and one against.

xiv.    Motion: Remove remainder of the general fund to the gift fund. Joel Greenblatt motioned, Brad Bower seconded. Motion withdrawn by Joel Greenblatt.

xv.    Motion: Fully fund the Green Voting Guides for EnvOrg for $38.16. Karl Wasmuth motioned, Alyssa McNamara seconded, motion carried.

xvi.    Motion: Fully fund the Campus Energy Information Packets for Campus Engergy Group by allocating $75 from the general fund. Joel Greenblatt motioned, Rico Javier seconded. Motion carried with 3 abstentions and 1 apposed.

xvii.    Motion: Take $654.89 from the general fund and transfer to the gift fund. Joel Greenblatt motioned, Juli Scalf seconded. Joel Greenblatt withdrew the motion.

xviii.    Motion: Fund $20 to Reba Rebecca to make the costumes for their Halloween Show half of the asking funding to remain consistant. Brad Bower motioned, Marissa Kilkka seconded, and motion carried

xix.    Motion: Allocate $215 to K Desi, $200 to BSO, and $175 LSO from the general fund for the La Fiesta Desi Soul. Motioned by Sindhura Kompella, seconded by Rico Javier. Motion fails without quorum +1. 

xx.    Motion: Allocate $50 from the general fund to Autism Awareness’s Fall Fest for drinks and snacks. Andrew Tyner motioned, Marissa Kilkka seconded, motion carried.

xxi.    Motion: Move the remaining $584.89 from the general fund to the gift fund. Juli Scalf motioned, Joel Greenblatt seconded. Motion carried with one abstention.

xxii.    Motion: Approve the Fall Budget. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer, seconded by Karl Wasmuth, motion carried.

xxiii.    Motion: Table all further business until our next meeting, October 13, 2008. Motioned by Marc Korn, seconded by Owen Willis, motion carried.

VI.    Adjournment at 23:12

a.    Motioned by: Leeor Schweitzer

b.    Seconded by: Karl Wasmuth