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Kalamazoo College
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Older Student Commission Minutes

October 20th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:06 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Mark Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Jessica Adams, Andrea Bedway, Karl Wasmuth, Taylor Allard, Meredith Quinlan, Calder Burgam, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Rico Javier, Brad Bower, Ted Sweetser, Sindhura Kompella
  • Absent: Amber Lee, Juli Scalf, and Owen Willis
  • Guests: Brian Dietz
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Meeting Minutes 10/20/08
Week 5
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.    Call to Order 21:06
II.    Roll Call
a.    All present except for Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, and Amber Lee.
III.    Approval of Minutes
a.    Motion: Approve the minutes from the 10/13/08 meeting. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Karl Wasmuth seconded, and motion passed.
IV.    Officer Business
a.    President
i.    The hours of the mail center being open are very short, and there has been a letter written to Brian Dietz about this concern. Additionally students are having issues with the combinations on the mailboxes. Students and StuComm members expressed that if the hours could also be extended to Saturday it would help them receive their packages.
b.    Finance Director
i.    There have been concerns about Bylaws from some student organizations. The concerns are handled on a case-by-case basis because they are mostly hearsay problems. If you hear rumors about funding or concerns from students, e-mail Patrick or Alex ASAP.
c.    Vice President
i.    There was nothing new.
d.    Public Relations Director       
i.    There was nothing new.
e.    Secretary
i.    If you think you are going to absent, send Patrick an e-mail. It was expressed in the first week of meetings that you are expected to be at each meeting.
ii.    For ease on the minutes, when committees are reporting, Hannah may interrupt for spellings or clarification.
iii.    Every week for the meeting, we use additional tables from Room 110. We need help putting these tables back at the end of the meeting. Usually everyone leaves quickly, and the same people are putting the tables back each week. Please help sometime to the end of the quarter to put some tables back.
V.    Committee Reports
a.    Athletic Committee
i.    The committee had their first official meeting on Thursday. Some of the time was used to define the role of the faculty athletic representative.
ii.    Marc Korn will be petitioning to make select athletic events throughout the year as LACs. This petition will at least give a clear definition of what an LACC is for the student body. The reason for LACs is to broaden the horizon of the student who attends, and a person who may not attend athletic events would benefit from the experience. On November 13, Marc will meet with a few people at the LAC committee meeting to present why an athletic event would qualify as a LAC.
b.    Constitutional Integrity Committee
i.    The By-laws are really colorful right now for reorganization, and there is continuous work to make the By-laws workable, and understandable. When the By-laws are finished, they will be sent the Friday before the meeting for voting. The goal for this is 7th week meeting, but may be pushed back.
c.    Educational Policies Committee
i.    There was more new course proposals in the meeting; make sure to look for them when you are signing up for classes.
ii.    The changes to the Curriculum will be sent to faculty in a document during 6th week, and then begin a feedback time period until the beginning of winter quarter when they will vote on it. Again the two ideas right now are:
1.    A) A very open set of requirements with only seminars, language, and physical education.
2.    B) The requirements regarding the different “worlds”. Students complete requirements from one of the four worlds to bring different learning techniques together.
d.    Experiential Education Committee
i.    The Center for International Programs is looking to propose a short-term study abroad in Costa Rica, possibly during winter quarter.
e.    Financial Policies Committee
i.    There were no new changes in the financial section, but the By-laws are also being reviewed. There was a memo sent to the Student Organization Leaders regarding check requests and how to send it to the mail center.
ii.    The Index issue was opened up but there was only discussion about the issue.
f.    Information Services Advisory Committee
i.    No business from IS
g.    Outreach Committee
i.    There will be a Tailgate at the homecoming games. There won’t be caramel apples because of the food policy. Instead the committee will be ordering hand clappers and pom poms to give out.
h.    Student Life Advisory Committee
i.    There was no new news from the Dean.
VI.    Old Business
a.    Campus Forum
i.    The Campus Forum for this quarter will be November 6th at 7 p.m. It has been decided that pizza and pop will not be provided this year to continue our decisions from the budget. 
VII.     New Business
a.    There was no new business for this week.
VIII.    Good of the Order
a.    Marc Korn informed the commission that the Ultimate Frisbee team won 3rd place at the Glory Days Tournament in Lowell, IN. They beat Eastern for the 3rd place.
b.    Hannah Kallewaard informed the commission that the Pep band could use the people this weekend at Homecoming, if it’s cowbell or something else.
IX.    Adjournment 21:24
a.    Motion: Adjourn from the meeting. Andrew Tyner motioned, Sindhura Kompella seconded, and motion carried.