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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

October 27th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:01 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Mark Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Jessica Adams, Amber Lee, Karl Wasmuth, Taylor Allard, Meredith Quinlan, Calder Burgam, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Rico Javier, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, and Ted Sweetser.
  • Absent: Andrea Bedway and Sindhura Kompella.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Meeting Minutes 10/27/08
Week 6
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.    Call to Order 21:01
II.    Roll Call
a.    All present except for Andrea Bedway and Sindhura Kompella.
III.    Approval of Minutes
a.    Motion: Approve the minutes from the 10/20/08 meeting. Rico Javier motioned, Marc Korn seconded, motion carried.
IV.    Officer Business
a.    President
i.    Board of Trustees
1.    Patrick met with The Board of Trustees and gave an update from the perspective of Student Commission about the attitude of students on campus, and the changing of our By-laws and the Constitution. The Trustees were focused on the economic crisis and what it means for the college.
2.    Patrick also met with the Alumni Executive Board. There was discussion about the 4 and forever slogan since none of the students really understand what it means. There was information given by President Wilson-Oyelaran about the state of Kalamazoo College. This year’s current enrolment is 1,380 students; in the first year class, there are less students of color and more instate students; since President Wilson-Oyelaran arrived there are more students of color and more out of state students; the college has increased it’s first year retention rate; Hick’s Center is awaiting the LEED certification, hopefully silver, it could be higher. Also, there has been talk about recasting the K Plan, changing it to ‘K for the 21st century’ or ‘K 2.0’.
3.    One important statement from President W-O concerning the economic crisis was, “We’ve been here 175 years, are we going to stop being here?”
b.    Finance Director
i.    No new news.
c.    Vice President
i.    No new news.
d.    Public Relations Director
i.    Joel Greenblatt attended website training for the new program REASON. The information was interesting. Our new Student Commission website will be up by the end of the quarter.
e.    Secretary
i.    Hannah Kallewaard attended the Safety Forum hosted by Dean Westfall, Head of Security Tim Young, POWER, Walk Safe and some other organizations. There was good information about the new blue lights and towers that have been installed all over campus, the security cameras that record 24 hours a day, but start rerecording over previous information somewhere between 24 and 48 hours. Walk Safe talked about starting their program Winter Quarter that will be available to walk students to and from campus in groups, they are working with WMU to get a Drive Safe program started. Dean Westfall covered the sexual assault policy, and handed out half sheets of paper for reference
II.    Committee Reports
a.    Athletic Committee
i.    The AC met and spoke about the LAC proposal. The faculty and staff on the committee have more experience with the proposal process which helped with suggestions for the LAC proposal. The AC determined that the Faculty Athletic Representative would deal with logistical aspects of the student athletes, their missed class time because of sports, meet with president, discuss finances, be involved in the student athlete K plan, attend MIAA meetings held several times per year, work on sports schedules, and MIAA rules. The Committee also outlined goals for the such as writing the description for the Faculty Athletic Representative, and LAC proposal.
b.    Constitutional Integrity Committee
i.    There is progress continuing on the By-laws and Constitution. The goal is 8th week to vote on everything.
c.    Educational Policies Committee
i.    There was no meeting due to the Faculty Meeting that presented the curriculum proposals. On another note, the Registrar search has been narrowed to 8 candidates.
d.    Experiential Education Committee
i.    There was no meeting due to the Faculty Meeting. In news about the new director of the CCD, the hiring committee is in the process of doing interviews by phone, hopefully having three prospective candidates on campus by the end of the quarter, and hiring one of them by the start of Winter Quarter.
e.    Financial Policies Committee
i.    There was one gift fund request this week. The Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) requested media funds and a small gift because the speaker will be talking for free. The topic is Medical Marijuana, which is on the ballot in Michigan on Nov. 4. The total for the two costs is $87.40, which is under $100, so there is no vote from the commission. The FPC approved, so there is $745.50 left in the Gift Fund. 
f.    Information Services Advisory Committee
i.    There was nothing new from the meetings. Patrick Tanis brought up the complaint from students in the Anthropolgy and Sociology departments trying to use the ATLAS TI and ADOBE CS Suite. The applications are only on computers that are not open 24 hrs which is difficult for the students since they need to use the programs for hours at a time. Additionally Marc Korn brought up the fact that ChemDraw, which is used by the Chemistry department, is only in Dow which closes at 10 or 11 p.m. Talk to Greg Diment about maybe moving some subscriptions to the 24 hr lab?
g.    Outreach Committee
i.    The Tailgate on Saturday at Homecoming was a success, 175 clappers were given out, and they ran out by half time. There is current planning for another activity to be held during this quarter.
h.    Student Life Advisory Committee
i.    The first meeting will be held on Friday.
V.    Old Business
a.    Campus Forum
i.    There are no changes from previous announcements. It will be held on Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. Marissa and Sarah stay after the meeting to talk to Derek really quick.
VI.    New Business
a.    Campus Survey
i.    Meredith Quinlan will be heading the campus survey for this quarter. Found some concerns, mostly from the first years. Suggestions included the smoking policy (too strict, too lenient), Policies concerning the drug and alcohol use on campus. Other suggestions from the commission included the locations of different things in the new Hicks Center, being a green campus is our recycling sufficient? Do people know about the reusable room in Dewaters? How often would you use the Hot Spot shuttle? Is there interest in the new outdoor program? With the schedules that students keep, are the dinning hall hours sufficient? How well do you understand what an LAC is? Would you go to an event even though it’s not an LAC? If select athletic events are LAC would you be more likely to attend? Do you know about Student Commission office hours? Where the StuComm office is? What do you want StuComm to do? What time do you use different buildings? Is there enough bike storage and racks on campus? Do you want to see inside storage for your bike? Is the internet working for students?
b.    Trustee Meetings
i.    Advancement Committee (Patrick Tanis)
1.    Talked about the financial situation of the college. Did not deal with student finances.
ii.    Investment Committee (Alex Morgan)
1.    There was much discussion concerning the bear market, the investments of the college, and the endowment of the college. Cambridge Associates is working very closely with the college to keep a keen eye out for potential problems, and helping with precautionary steps.
iii.    Academic Affairs (Andrew Tyner)
1.    Updates were given about the new curriculum proposal. The trustees were discontent to move to the more open curriculum. They discussed how to assess the skill set such as quantitative reasoning with the new curriculum. The proposal could overwhelm students, especially the first years, could put stress on the advisors. Although there is no support from the trustees, it is the faculty’s vote.
c.    Next week’s meeting
i.    From hearsay, it sounds like people won’t be at the meeting. Patrick proposed that the campus forum doubled as the meeting next week, and then at the 8th week meeting we would continue with updates.
ii.    Motion: Have the campus forum (held Nov. 6 at 7 p.m.) count as the meeting for next week. Rico Javier motioned, Andrew Tyner seconded, and the motion carried. As a reminder all commissioners are required to attend the forum.
VII.    Good of the Order
a.    LACs: This Friday at 8 p.m. is the Symphonic Band Halloween Themed Concert. This Saturday at 8 p.m. The Jazz Band will have their concert
b.    Have a SAFE Halloween & Family Weekend
c.    On Thursday afternoon, there is the lecture, and on Friday during the Jama hour, there is the Honors Day Convocation which honors students who had outstanding performances in the previous year.
d.    Greg Diment was seen enforcing the smoking policy around the Library, we should thank him.
e.    There has been a rumor that the Student Development watches online spaces like Facebook for off campus parties and then calls the Kalamazoo Police. It has been recommended that this is brought up during the Campus Forum.
f.    Hats off to homecoming this year. Recommend in future years to do the 5 K, there are lots of people, and Gazelle sports brings free t-shirts.
g.    A Play is opening this weekend.
h.    Vote on November 4!
VIII.    Adjournment 21:24
a.    Motion: Adjourn from the meeting. Marc Korn motioned, Andrew Tyner seconded, and the motion carried.