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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

November 10th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:01 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Mark Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Jessica Adams, Amber Lee, Andrea Bedway, Karl Wasmuth, Meredith Quinlan, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, Sindhura Kompella
  • Absent: Rico Javier, Ted Sweetser, Taylor Allard,& Calder Burgam.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Meeting Minutes 11/10/08
Week 8
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.    Call to Order 21:01
II.    Roll Call
a.    All present except for Rico Javier, Theodore Sweetser, Taylor Allard, and Calder Burgam.
III.    Approval of Minutes
a.    Motion: Approve the minutes from the 10/20/08 meeting. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Juli Scalf seconded, and the motion carried.
IV.    Officer Business
a.    President
i.    Amber Cussen was to be here to report on the President Community Council, however noting her absence, we will try to get her here next week to report on the Council.
b.    Finance Director
i.    The Index published the article written by Joseph Shaffer, “How to download your music illegally and safely.” After inquiring about free speech, the newspaper was contacted and a meeting followed. There will be a Letter to the Editor from Greg Diment, and two apology letters, one from the editors Mary and TJ, and the other from Joseph Shaffer. All copies of the issue were pulled before the meeting on Sunday.
ii.    Additionally, it was found that there are no written guidelines for what can be written/printed in the Index. This was addressed in the meeting.
c.    Vice President
i.    No new information.
d.    Public Relations Director
i.    Thanks to people who put up posters for the campus forum.

e.    Secretary

i.    We applied to have our website put on the public domain, and it is now the link on the campus site.
II.    Committee Reports
a.    Athletic Committee
i.    Marc Korn will present his LAC proposal this Thursday to the LAC committee.
b.    Constitutional Integrity Committee
i.    Originally the By-laws were going to be voted on tonight, but they aren’t quite finished, we’ll vote next week.
c.    Dinning Services Committee
i.    Sodexho will accept debit cards and credit cards starting in January, and this includes Jazzman’s Cafe. The Cafe is doing okay, and doing better with the colder weather that draws more students.
ii.    Trying to get out information to students about K Cash. This money is a way to purchase a money card for less than it gives you. For example, you could buy a $50 g.c. for $35 to use in Jazzman’s and other locations to be determined.
iii.    There is concern about the amount of food that is wasted in the cafeteria. The committee is trying to find ways to reduce the waste, possibly by taking away the trays (which use a lot of water to be washed) once a week.
iv.    Please bring up the concerns from the Campus Forum at the committee meeting which include the dinning hours, and the often frozen salad bar line.
d.    Educational Policies Committee
i.    Currently there are meetings with faculty to receive feedback on the curriculum proposals. The goal is to get a summary for 10th week about the feedback. A vote will be held during 2nd week of Winter Quarter.
ii.    There is new discussion about integrated interdisciplinary minors, and the difference between minors and concentrations and where things fit in. Possibly have the faculty come up with their own integrated interdisciplinary minor.
iii.    Currently there are no policies for document retention. After 1 year all documents that are not of a type that need to be retained, will be destroyed after they are not needed.
e.    Experiential Education Committee
i.    Currently working on a new database of funding for externships, internships, and study abroad. The goal is to have a word document by end of January, and a searchable database by the end of the year. The search would include GPA, major, etc to find funding for you specifically.
ii.    The faculty is assessing the primary goals of study abroad. They want to integrate it into coursework, by making connections between ICRP & major or SIP, etc.
iii.    3 candidates for the director of the Center for Career Development to campus on the 18, 20 November, 5 December
f.    Financial Policies Committee
i.    Put the stamp of approval on the by-laws today, we’ll vote next week. Calder was appointed to the head of the Index task force to insure that the guidelines and leadership roles are established along with how the newspaper effects the environment.
g.    Information Services Advisory Committee
i.    Getting the 3 programs moved to the 24 hr lab. Follow up this week, to see where they ended up there.
ii.    The e-mail servers are being moved back to campus. They were in Chicago, which accounts for some of the slowness. The storage in Chicago has an electrical backup generator, where as we have a gas generator.

h.    Outreach Committee

i.    Doing one more event during EWE – possibly having message or stress balls.
i.    Student Life Advisory Committee
i.    The 1st meeting was held on Halloween. Plans for the year were discussed. A student activities fee will be implimented starting Fall 2009 with an approximate fee of $200. The fee will give more money to student activities including the Student Commission budget.
1.    Questions arose from the student commission regarding the distribution of the money, if StuComm then receives more money or if there will be a new way of allocating funds because of the large amount it will generate. An increase to StuComm’s budget will allow more groups to put on more events, and receive funding for those events, which will change the feel of campus.
2.    When the subject has come up, it was welcomed with a positive response from students.
ii.    There will be an alcohol task force made of eight to ten people to review the policies. Additionally they will create a survey for students to be completed next quarter.
iii.    There was a review of the posting policies on flyers. The committee is looking to get new places for posters and flyers to be hung, some for the outside.
iv.    The business office is working to get direct deposit for student checks, and will be working next quarter.
v.    More information next week will cover the Calendar Task Force.
V.    Old Business
a.    Campus Forum
i.    There was some good discussion at the forum. We learned from this forum that the promotion needs to go out sooner to inform the students about the event so that we can increase our .
b.    Campus Survey
i.    The Surveys are going out today, and there will be a presentation next week on the results.

c.    T-shirts

i.    The Student Commission T-shirts will be $9 per shirt. There is a sheet that is going around for sizes. Please get the money to Juli Scalf as soon as possible. The shirts were $8.25 with an additional $40 for the screen. Since StuComm only pays $25 for the screen, we’re increasing the t-shirt price to pay for the screen.
VI.    New Business
a.    Computer Complaints & Comments – to be presented to the IS committee next week with a report 9th week.
i.    Can the computers have printing set to double sided printing as the default instead of the one sided printing? This will save paper especially with articles.
ii.    The new Macs in Hicks Center are hard to change to double-sided printing, can there be signs posted for instructions?
iii.    Why did we switch to Microsoft Office 2007?
1.    Brad Bower: The professors started to switch on their computers, and because of the license agreement that the college has, the student computers are easy enough to update to the new software.
iv.    In the new software, the default spacing and font are a pain to students who need to type in Times New Roman for projects, and the spacing is difficult to figure out. Is there a way these can change?
VII.    Good of the Order
a.    Sarah Small suggested for the next Blood Drive that they escort people to class after their blood has been drawn.
VIII.    Adjournment 21:24
a.    Motion: Adjourn from the meeting. Karl Wasmuth motioned, Andrew Tyner seconded, and motion carried.